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  1. Northwest Newbie

    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I am very active in walking the public grounds. I stop off somewhere different on the way home from work 3 or 4 times a week. I just thought it might provide some insight to team up with someone who is an old hand at this. I\'m surrounded by rich farmers who only acknowledge other rich farmer types or their highschool buddies. Plenty of land to hunt in my area if I was a farmer. Anyhow I\'ll stick with ptowling the public lands and figurin\' things out on my own. Happy huntin\'!
  2. Northwest Newbie

    I\'m on the other side of the state from Franklin County. Unfortunately, I do not have property to hunt on.
  3. Northwest Newbie

    Hello to everyone who responded, and thank you. I am located in the northwest corner of Missouri, about 40 miles north of Kansas City in a little sleepy farming community called Rushville. Just about 10 miles south of St Joseph Missouri, right on the Missouri River, Buchanan County. I am interested in learning to hunt just about anything really. Anywhere from squirrel and rabbit, on up to a predator like coyote or bobcat. And then of course I am interested in learning how to hunt deer. Also, I am interested in the growing opportunity to hunt feral hog/wild boar. I absolutely love to shoot. The Marine Corps did their job of teaching me good solid skills and a love of guns/shooting. I love the outdoors, live out in the country, love to fish. But I just never took to hunting due to the amount of time one needs to invest. However, toppin\' 40 now and find myself much more at ease with life in general and I feel I am ready to invest the time and effort learning how to hunt with patience and good intent.
  4. Northwest Newbie

    Well this is goin\' great!
  5. Northwest Newbie

    I have lived here almost my whole life, but I never really hunted before. Also, I do not know anyone who does. I would really appreciate being able to hook up with someone who is an avid hunter and is willing to bring a newbie into the fold and teach him the ropes. Can anyone point me in the right direction?