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  1. My latest pair of moccasins

    I wanna hear the rest of the story on the caimans :roll:Excellent work as always!
  2. Bowhunting Squirrels?

    Wood arrows capped with a spent pistol case work well for blunts and won\'t stick in the tree. They won\'t shoot the same as heavier hunting arrows so you should practice with them first. Less stored energy so it won\'t go as far since it\'s lighter, makes them easier to find. Add some flu flus if you roll your own and go have fun!
  3. 5yrs tomorrow

    Guilt has been the hardest thing to overcome, you wish it was you but you can\'t change how events unfolded. It\'s a daily struggle at times but you have to go on. Been a long day full of ups and downs, tomorrow another starts and I hope there\'s more ups than downs.... that\'s all I can ask for.
  4. 5yrs tomorrow

    Time heals all wounds, I have moved on but will never forget. I\'m sure she would\'ve wanted that just as I would\'ve if it\'d been me. Never take anything for granted and do the little things while you can because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
  5. 5yrs tomorrow

    I woke up and my world was turned upside down. It\'s been a rocky road since full of ups and downs. Some of you met her, some saw pics here and elsewhere. She was a big supporter of disabled and youth hunting and took an active role in securing financial support for the many endeavors we both took near and dear to our hearts. Some even called her mom when they\'d come visit our home. When I would hit a roadblock she was there to help me take it down so things could move along as planned. There\'s not much more that can be said, I do miss her and the times we spent together.
  6. Flintlock Longbeard!

  7. Missouri Openig Weekend (Banner Weekend)

    Good Stuff as always
  8. Been Awhile

    Counted crosstitch is the new game in town
  9. Been Awhile

    lets see since I was last here I watched whitetails for pay (outfitter wanted me off the net while I was workin for him sorry Dena) grill cooked in a high end eatery til they made a chef change (Tuscan Moon on Fifth), me and the saute cook went to work in a bar we frequented (Hard Luck Cafe, Kalona) started lunches expanding the menu and cookin REAL food, the kind that sticks to your ribs, makes ya fat etc... Not that pureed hoity toity stuff the new chef brought with him. Amongst all that I found me a sexy biker chick, bought a harley, visited GoGop @ christmas, got involved with a wounded warrior thing up here, got the youngest kiddo moved N and found a place to sink my roots down. Lookin at a getaway place w/acreage near Plattsburg/Smithville Lake (No MO ain\'t gitten rid of me completely yet) prolly move on it in the next month and scheduled a vacation at montauk the week after the 4th. That\'s bout it in a nutshell, missed my friends and foes on the net and prolly woulda just been done w it all together. But work dictates I get back online, layin the groundwork for the young couple who just bought the bar to hopefully have a successful future for them and their kids, the net was a necessity. Right now me and the GF (who has her own harley too) live in Kalona IA, hopefully we will be movin into our new place near Wellman on the English river before our Vacation in July. Lots of outdoorsy stuff to do around here, got some like minded friends who have lived all their lives in this area and they are showin me around introducin me to the farmers etc... I am blessed once again to have good friends, fair health and a woman to share my life with who enjoys all that I do, and she runs the event center at the casino just down the road so I get to see all the concerts for free!
  10. CWD in Davis County IA

    ArticleThey have another place in NE IA and it\'s now under quarantine too. Giving him till the end of the year to kill all the animals in the pen and I think that\'s like playin with fire.
  11. Early season food sources

    No food for me, pinch points, fencelines and funnels, I see more buck activity in these areas, particulary during the rut, than anywhere else. If I\'m huntin doe then it\'ll prolly be the CRP field entrances from timber. They usually don\'t make it to the crop fields till it\'s almost dark around here. Honeylocust pods may be a key food this year and they are still producing if nuthin else is in this drought.
  12. What Dreams Are Made Of!

    I shoulda took some pics at the neighbors while I was there today for this thread they have some bigguns all shot across the road from me. Hopin they take out the 8ptr this yr so we can start seein some more JUNK on the bone. I\'ll be by there again tomorrow and if anybody\'s around I\'ll stop and take a few. Makes me start droolin when I walk in the office. Two slams of sheep on the wall too...
  13. Rain dance anyone ?

    Looks like it may rain, but it\'s too late for most anything now. Seedcorn folks down the road told me today they have lost all their crops as of this week, looks like Missouri did 2weeks ago up here now, not good at all. I\'m to the point I\'m bout ready to give up on the garden too, even with watering it\'s burning up in the wind/heat and humidity staying at 10-15% during the day. They are sayin rain tonight and tomorrow but I am from MO so I\'ll believe it when I see it. Been tryn to keep pourin crete in this weather, starts glazin up as it runs out of the chute. If the ground weren\'t so dang hard I\'d dig a hole and crawl in it at this point
  14. Mo sits in her hangon deerstand in shorts flip flops and a wifebeater Wait I think that\'s a true story too!