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  1. the Greys are some of the prettiest anmials there is.
  2. holy cow thats a pile of beavers i wouldnt mind takin a ride sometime that would be fun
  3. thats a haul...very nice would love to do a little beaver trapping but dont have any traps for them.
  4. very nice:thumbup:
  5. yea it gets pretty skinny in some places. we gig it some but normally only stay in one hole pretty much so its not a big deal but to really run some lines ill have to run a little to do it. my boat is a tad big but shes all i got to use so im gonna try and give it a go next year.
  6. most of the river we run is from Onadoga cave at leasburg up about 5 miles and down about the boat is big enough that some places it just wont fit through. also have a place up a little further from the cave that i can put in also but water is pretty skinny up there too.
  7. thinkin pretty hard about gettin out on the river next year and running a few lines never really looked at catching anything other than coons on the river but we see a lot of beaver when we go gigging. so been thinkin about running a line on the river. got some friends that have property on the Meramac that have private ramps so thought i might try it. know less about trapping the water than land trapping but i might give it a go next you run mostly 330s for beaver i would assume?my jet is pretty big its an 18/56 with a 100hp merc but the river here bout have to have a jet or you will be stuck in one hole of water on the meramac...never been on it up abouts where your at but here it gets pretty skinny.i wasnt sure if you had done anything diffrent with the boat in some way or not.
  8. see a lot of you guys are running traps out of boats. this is something im wanting to try net year got a decent jet boat and hear a lot of guys get pretty good numbers runnin out of boats.was wondering for you all runnin out of a boat do you have your boats rigged up any diffrent than what you would have in the summer for just fun boat riding? would like to see some pictures of you alls rigs. i know Clay runs out of one and i see Beaver_man does to. its something im wanting to do next season but will only be able to run it on the weekends but thought it might improve some numbers for me. so anyone got any pictures of your boats and what you have done to them.Luke
  9. hello all. new member here on the site. missouri native my whole life always hunted and fished. just got into trapping this year. clad to be here and cant wait to do some reading and posting.