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  1. And what are these? Some kind of fungas obviously.
  2. Found a couple reds around truman yesterday. Did a lot of walking to find them and got wet from a rain shower! Was going to post in my blog but it is deleted! Oops! Guess I didn't make enough posts.
  3. Thank goodness! Don't forget to spring your clock forward Sunday!
  4. Congratulations to all! Was nice seeing everyone's submissions!
  5. Awesome! Congratulations to both of you!
  6. Dang, poor fella!
  7. Thats just no fun, General Zod, we want it to be something really cool! Lol just kidding! Thanks for teaching me something I didn't know, never knew a squirrel would do something like that!
  8. Yup, you guys pick a date. Just have to keep in mind that the 13 mile marker is where the big boats are during the summer. I dont know loz good enough to say if there us good fishing close by or not..... maybe someone else can chime in?
  9. Tapatalk is the ONLY way I can get them to upload. Bad thing is, I emailed a couple I couldnt get to work to Mo and she got them no problem.... lol I had had enough and got tapatalk
  10. Sasquatch would be my guess. .... probably had an itch in the middle of his back! Seriously though, if you figure it out, I'd like to know!
  11. Don't know what kind, but hopefully they're in the compost pile now!?
  12. Maybe you should pave that road for them! Wow!
  13. I'm willing to travel as well, I just dont know any other lakes so would have to follow someone else for a honey hole.
  14. Rut! Wish I knew how to turkey hunt better then maybe a tie. Lol I can't get it through my head that just because they aren't gobbling, doesn't mean they arent around!