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  1. I don't know.. Been having a ton of likes shown up on mine as well.. from pics posted long ago.. spam I'm guessing
  2. Very nice! Sounds like quite a trip!
  3. 30 lb red Cajun on mine
  4. That's awesome.. good memories thered
  5. That's an awesome hunt and story! Quite an accomplishment. Congrats
  6. Good luck!
  7. Taking my boy.. but not his first rodeo.. excited none the less
  8. Interested! Would you trade for 2 sticks of gum, and 4 green skittles?
  9. Dang I've gotta learn how to do it. I hear it's a blast
  10. Nice
  11. Man I'm wanting to go snagging so bad.. Something I've never done.
  12. Welcome back.. things got a little slow for a bit, but hopefully are picking back up. Sounds like you've been busy
  13. Well aren't you little Mr dealfinder! Lol congrats on some good scores
  14. There's a word and phrase for people like that! But this is a family forum and I can't post such! Lol idiot will have to do
  15. Welcome to smo! I'm looking forward to it too!