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  1. I checked it out years ago, and if memory serves they only accept large shipments. a dozen or so tails ain't gonna cut it.
  2. Glad you found your way back. Just keep posting and maybe we can get this place turned around. It would most likely cheaper to convert the 2400 you already have than buy a Marauder but the purpose built marauder will be a much neater unit.
  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. Is this a long bow only event ?
  4. His song days are over ! Nice job, get some more.
  5. Excellent !! I love seeing kids getting into the sport, especially girls. They tend to marry hunters and raise more hunters. Win/win.
  6. Nice work
  7. I had probs not catching rabbits in a boxtrap, but did catch one big 'possum with bait. An old timer told me a rabbit won't go in if he can't see a way out and no bait needed unless you want trash ( 'possums and the like). I promptly removed the end of my box trap and replaced with hardware cloth or small fan grill, quit using bait and started getting rabbits, lots of rabbits. They will chew through the hareware cloth if left unattended too long ( i reccomend once morning and once evening). That's why I started using fan guards. Could make a weave from coat hanger wire as well. Worked for me, but your milage may vary.
  8. Just saw this on fb and mocon site. Glad to see some but not so thrilled with others.
  9. I stand corrected. On my laptop the pink feathers show no ribbing and therefore look like smooth vanes. On closer exam I can just make out a few ribs.
  10. They look great. You make a good case for the pink color. Not sure I've ever seen anyone mix feathers and vanes on the same shaft before. Pardon my ignorance, I've been out of the loop for awhile. Why ?
  11. Congrats to the kid. Great to see traditions being passed along.
  12. O'kay, I know theres got to be a back story on the "STILL !". Very nice job.
  13. My personal code of ethics would be what ever range you shot that at. My cut off is when I can no longer hold a 6 inch or less group. As I said "my personal" as I don't expect others to hold to my code, only I have to. If that is the best I can do at 20 yds, then 20 is my limit, until I can do better.
  14. But I don't judge or fault people for finding fulfillment in that kind of thing.
  15. That's why I left it at "totally clueless". I can get a little "passionate" and my tongue a bit loose.