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  1. Little something to look forward to

    Like the crow in the pic, too!
  2. Kitty on a carcass

    Cool pics...thanks for sharing!
  3. American Sniper

    I read the book...now waiting on the DVD/BluRay release-date (I don't like crowds).
  4. Fall Turkeys

    Spent last weekend chasing those turkey birds...had a great time, even though I didn't tag one. It's usually my first hunt of the season...and my favorite way to kick off the season! Congrat's!
  5. no deer season for me

    Here's to a speedy recovery...
  6. No More Circle Js

    Sorry to hear about this, David...as if you don't already have your hands full enough already.
  7. food plot

    Good lookin' plot!
  8. It's Friday of the holiday weekend.

    Situation normal....haircut today, shop for a new TV tomorrow (TV in living room took a dump), work on weed-whacker on Sunday. Monday is reserved for reflecting on the true meaning of Memorial Day.
  9. Foodplots 2014

    That sure is a purdy site!
  10. Foodplots 2014

    Just talked to the guy today, that's gonna bulldoze some areas for me in a few weeks. Took him on a tour of the property, so he could get an idea of what I'm hoping to accomplish. Definitely looking forward to improving the existing food plots I have, plus add a few more. Gonna clear out a BUNCH of cedars. Can't wait to get started...my place ought to be jumpin', this Fall. I'm also hoping to put in a pond (or two), and clearing an area for a shooting range.
  11. It's friday

    No plans...just gonna wing it.
  12. I had to use a little luck in Nebraska

    Wow...quite the hunting adventure!
  13. Picked up my full-body turkey mount today!

    Thanks, y'all! I got it hung today...I'm going to have a huge smile on my face, for quite some time. I may not of tagged a bird this season, but it doesn't matter... I'm sure enjoying the view right now.
  14. Picked up my "Gobbling On The Roost" full-body mount from the taxidermist, today. This is the Tom I took on opening day of Spring Turkey Season, 2013. Since it was my best turkey to date (28+ lbs), plus the first turkey I'd ever taken on our property, my wife suggested I have a full-body mount done...so I did. James Wood, of Possum Hollow Taxidermy (Collins, MO.), did a fantastic job!
  15. KS Rio

    NICE! I tagged an Rio/Eastern hybrid in Oklahoma, back in 2011...love the colors.