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  1. Like the crow in the pic, too!
  2. Cool pics...thanks for sharing!
  3. I read the waiting on the DVD/BluRay release-date (I don't like crowds).
  4. Spent last weekend chasing those turkey birds...had a great time, even though I didn't tag one. It's usually my first hunt of the season...and my favorite way to kick off the season! Congrat's!
  5. Here's to a speedy recovery...
  6. Sorry to hear about this, if you don't already have your hands full enough already.
  7. Good lookin' plot!
  8. Situation normal....haircut today, shop for a new TV tomorrow (TV in living room took a dump), work on weed-whacker on Sunday. Monday is reserved for reflecting on the true meaning of Memorial Day.
  9. That sure is a purdy site!
  10. Just talked to the guy today, that's gonna bulldoze some areas for me in a few weeks. Took him on a tour of the property, so he could get an idea of what I'm hoping to accomplish. Definitely looking forward to improving the existing food plots I have, plus add a few more. Gonna clear out a BUNCH of cedars. Can't wait to get place ought to be jumpin', this Fall. I'm also hoping to put in a pond (or two), and clearing an area for a shooting range.
  11. No plans...just gonna wing it.
  12. Wow...quite the hunting adventure!
  13. Thanks, y'all! I got it hung today...I'm going to have a huge smile on my face, for quite some time. I may not of tagged a bird this season, but it doesn't matter... I'm sure enjoying the view right now.
  14. Picked up my "Gobbling On The Roost" full-body mount from the taxidermist, today. This is the Tom I took on opening day of Spring Turkey Season, 2013. Since it was my best turkey to date (28+ lbs), plus the first turkey I'd ever taken on our property, my wife suggested I have a full-body mount I did. James Wood, of Possum Hollow Taxidermy (Collins, MO.), did a fantastic job!
  15. NICE! I tagged an Rio/Eastern hybrid in Oklahoma, back in the colors.