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  1. Veterans Day

    Thanks to the women and men who served our country:cool:
  2. Maries County Monster!!!!!!

    Great looking Monster Buck DB.I was raised in Maries County.Congrads:cool:
  3. Prayers Needed Please! UPDATE 3/20/09

    Prayers for the family:(
  4. Prayer request(update) 4/21/09 UPDATE

    I appreciate all the prayers make sure to keep them coming.You all are wonderful people.I love you all;)
  5. Cards vs. Steelers(poll)

    I am going with the Steeler\'s:) :cheers:They will for sure win:)
  6. Just letting you all know today is Gunsmokes Birthday:) Happy Birthday Gunsmoke:):smilebig:Best Wishes:)
  7. My E. M. Reilley

    Awesome I like it:thumbup:
  8. I voted for Obama I am a full fledged Democrat we have always been Democrat.
  9. Bill Clinton the Democratic President did get them Desert Storm Soldiers Home..He did get alot of them soldiers home alive.One thing I did realize with Bill Clinton he would go through with his word..He wasn\'t scared to travel to other states to speak.
  10. Whoever gets it All I know is that we need a change.We need one with a back bone that will stand up for our country.Our soldiers we lost .I am Pro-life the way I look at it you play you pay.I gave birthto two baby\'s.That\'s why there are adoption agencies.Babies are innocent.I cherish my two kids . I would be lost with out them. By the way Gunsmoke. I never did forget the Labor pains.:
  11. My Jaeger

    Awesome weapon Sharps.Nice pictures
  12. Buck Scrape Line

    Awesome pictures:)
  13. 15 days till missouri!!!!!

    Nice rack:rock-on:
  14. 2 weeks!

    I am ready I can only go Sat, Sun, And Mon.:woohoo:I will be having surgery on the 18th. At least I get to go a few times.Gunsmoke can have the woods than I will be in La LaLand.He will be taking me for surgery.He will still get to hunt the morning of the 18th.I wish you all the best of Luck.Guess there was a reason I got my 12 pointer last year.
  15. Hunter gets attacked by Deer

    Looks like he desereved what he got silly rabbitt:thumbup: