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  1. Bowonly's 2017/18 Hunting Journal

    I bet you both remember that memory.....
  2. Bucks loosing velvet

    glad you put up these pix's, had 2 and sometime 3 camera,s out a few weeks and NO BUCKs here for some reason???
  3. homemade ladder stands?

    I built several ladder stands from 1\" conduit several years ago. Some could be broken down and back packed but built some with straight 10\' sections that I left in the woods. I\'d take the \"Top\" platform section with me and attached it to the ladder when I arrived. the top section only weigh\'d 7 lbs I think it was
  4. I primarily used a blind, trail set for foxes or a dirt hole set with bird feathers.For coons, the best set around ponds or lakes is to get some shad about 6\" long or so and poke a pencil size stick thru their sides down into the mud out in the pond about 2 feet from the water\'s edge. It needs to look like it\'s floating there. Take a few small branches and poke them into the mud from the bank out in the fish to act as a \"guide\"Hammer a \"Drown\" Stake out past the fish and place the trap between the fish and the bank, in the shallow water. When the coon (or whatever) gets caught, they\'ll usually swim out in the pond, winding the trap chain around the drown stake.The first hard freeze seems to kill a lot of shad and we\'d walk along creeks, etc picking them up and put them in the freezer till we needed them.Once we had 4 of these sets out on a high water pond along the Missouri river and got 2 coons, a fox and a CROW in one night.Course, when the pond finally freezes over, your done with this set
  5. When do you rattle and grunt???

    If I smell deer scent, I start looking for the hunter who made it LOLI think if they can smell the scent, they can smell you and doubt if it ever truly masks our odor, we stink like heck
  6. When you hang a stand....

    I read an article once that called this the \"Pearl Harbor\" affect. Put your stand up and get right into it, they don\'t know anything about it LOLI do this all the time with my ladder stands. Once I built a prototype conduit stand, drove it to a food plot and threw it out and drove back up a hill a little ways. While putting it up it fell with a loud cladder, had a cordless drill with me and did some adjusting, etc for about 20 minutes. Climbed up it and about a half hour later 3 does came in the food plot and started feeding about 20 yards from me. I waited about 20 more minutes before taking one of them.Another time I had the stand up about 24 hours and a doe walked to about 10 yards from it before spotting it. It knew it didn\'t belong, I could see it look at the ladder and follow the rungs up to about my feet, then started feeding and ignored it.Hunting Too many times worries me the most. Your scent saturates the area and they don\'t like it. I move my stands quite often or leave them set empty for at least a week after being in one 2 days or so.but thats me.......
  7. What's my malfunction???

    I number my arrows (on the fletching) with a black magic marker. If the same number arrow is out of the group all the time then it\'s got a problem.Have somebody stand behind you and watch the arrow\'s path as you shoot. They\'ll be able to see a Kick if the bow\'s not tuned right or the arrow is striking the site guard or whatever on the bowand like the others said, continue to aim when you release the arrow, even for a few monents after the arrow impacts the target
  8. Game Cam caught this sound in the dark

    Blanket that 600 acres with your cams Pass!I\'m anxious to see some pix\'s from it.........
  9. Game Cam caught this sound in the dark

    RJM,this was recorded between Salem and Rolla back on Jan 15th 2010. I would have posted then only I didn\'t know we could post this type of file :puzzled:I kind of thought it was a coyote (actually 2) but was thinking it was running off when dinner, which was making a fuss over it......
  10. My Daytime Only GameCorder recorded this sound one night. Video was blank naturally, but any guesses what\'s going on? 01-15-2010--21-19screech.mp3
  11. Your favorite movies quotes...

    Think you used enough dynamite Butch........
  12. One time in a driving rain I walked up on a truck with a hunter in it watching over a field. We talked about shooting in that situation and he said \"What\'s the difference in shooting from this truck or shooting out of a stand\"? I said besides being illegal you mean LOL
  13. Old man

    go ahead, make me Drool ! ! ! ! I can\'t believe my old haunt has deer like that Olshep, back in the late 60\'s early 70\'s I would see a \"Few\" deer tracks but never a deer LOLThanx for the pix\'sTin
  14. Official July Picture of the Month Thread!

    While deer hunting on public ground near Mark Twain Lake I ran across this old cedar tree that has had a hard way to go. It may not look like it but that tree is reaching out over a 90\' bluff and if my rifle had slipped.............