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  1. It's Friday!!

    Going out to the target range and shoot a couple of arrows.
  2. Old timers

    Thanks, I remember that Passthru use to be a moderator when the site first started up. Last I heard he moved to Springfield.
  3. S&W .357 mag and Mossberg 410 for sale

    Hi david50. Just sent you an email. Tom Fenton, Mo.
  4. My Oldest Granddaughters Deer

    I can tell your very proud..........
  5. Another one down

  6. Old timers

    It's been a while since I've been on. Has anybody heard anything from some of (to be polite) older crowd? Passthru, carnivore, deerman, Izak etc.
  7. I'm selling my S&W .357 magnum. It's model M-28 Highway Patrolman. It's in excellent condition. This is a very beautiful gun and very powerful. Can also fire .38 cal thru it. I posted about it when I bought it in Dec 2008 on the forum. $500.00 I'm also selling my Mossberg 410. Model 183D-B. This was my dad's gun used for rabbit hunting. It was the first gun I used for squirrel hunting when I was way younger. Always kept in gun case and cleaned after every hunting trip. $100.00
  8. CCW Class?

    Any recommendations for a good place near Fenton/Arnold area for taking a ccw class? I seen SharpShooters in Affton had one for $135. Tom
  9. friday morning

    Being out in the woods and getting one is better than being at work or at home doing chores..
  10. In Search Of.....

    Now that\'s fun. The weather was perfect yesterday and today. I went squirrel hunting today.
  11. What is this?

    I went to Jay Henges Shooting Range today to see how my shotgun was patterning. All around the target were these plastic casings. Anybody have an idea what they are?
  12. Turkeys

    Young Conservation Area would be one that is close to you. It is near Cedar Hills, Mo about 20 miles from Webster Groves. It is a 970 acre conservation area. I don’t know how good the turkey hunting is but I have seen guys in there hunting for turkeys.http://mdc4.mdc.mo.gov/applications/moatlas/AreaSummaryPage.aspx?txtAreaID=8605&txtAreaNm=&txtCounty=JEFFERSON&txtRegion=&txtUserID=guest&txtDivision=
  13. .58 Cal ammo

    I bought some Hornady .58 cal lead balls for my slingshot rifle. They are wicked when shot at a full water bottle. I tried to use a can of beer, but for some strange reason by the time I get down range to the target area all the beer is gone!