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  1. 'nother project

    Keeps me out of the bars....except that I quit drinking over 6 years ago...lol
  2. 'nother project

    It's been a while since I posted about the J.P. Sauer & Sohn Mauser...or much of anything else. There's been a few projects since the Mauser in 9 X 57 but I forget which ones they were. Howsomever, a "new" to me rifle was shipped yesterday to my address so there's a project in the making! I don't know how to pirate pictures but here's a link. http://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/single-shot-rifles-german-austrian/c-g-hanel-ss-german-schuetzen-rifle.cfm?gun_id=100642395 I've been wanting a Scheutzen rifle for a long time. Problem with them is that they are usually beyond my means and when I would find one I was willing to pay the tariff the means weren't there. This time the stars aligned and I feel fortunate to have this one on the way. I already have a rifle in 8.15 X 46R and load and cast for it so unless there is some discrepancy in the chamber or bore diameter I'm set up. Well, even if there is a discrepancy it won't take much to rectify. It may arrive tomorrow, Wednesday, possibly Thursday, probably Friday. At any rate with the summer, fall and winter we've been through this will definitely be a pleasant diversion! If there's any interest I'll post results as they come.
  3. It's Friday AND The First Day Of Spring!

    Gun show in Rolla tomorrow & Sunday. Church Sunday morning......other than that....I don't know. Maybe cut a bit of wood, clean up outside.....place is pretty ratty from winter. Shoot something. Work a bit more on a show I'm doing later this spring.
  4. Beginner needing help

    there's catch & release at the parks and the Blue, Red and White fishing areas are open all year. Be careful if you try a fly rod. It isn't called "the benign addiction" without good reason.
  5. Made the old man a chest rig for deer hunting.

    Clever and well done!!
  6. Pictures of my new flintlock pistol

    I had to grin when you mentioned the flint from England. For decades I drug around a huge flint node, still white on the outside, about the size of a large grapefruit. I always intended to learn to knap flint and never did. I'm certain it went down the road in some kind of trade. Right now there is a piece of obsidian about the same size on the top shelf of one of my bookshelves. I wonder if it would make good flint or if it's too hard/brittle? It's up there purely for decoration. Super, shiny black! I have to agree, I've never had any problems with either flint, French or British. And who knows, the next French amber flint might not last 25 shots. They are all different.
  7. Pictures of my new flintlock pistol

    Darren, my experience with the British versus French flints has been the opposite of yours. Right now I have a French amber in my 45 cal. Lancaster style flinter that has 80 shots on it and another in the Kentucky flint pistol of the same caliber that has over 50. I know I have not knapped the one in the pistol but the one in the rifle I know has been knapped at least once....and perhaps more. I've never had a Tom Fuller flint last that long. I use the British, Fuller flints a lot more as they are about half price of the Horsley French flints. A few years ago I bought a bag of 50 of the Fuller flints from that place in West Virginia so I should be well set for quite a while. Oh, the condition of the frizzen and strength of the main spring can also make a difference in how long a flint lasts, at least that has been my experience. Are the Missouri flints the ones from the fella down near St. Charles, I think? I have some of those in two sizes and I couldn't get 10 shots out of them. They seemed REALLY soft to me. Others I know have much better results than I have had. I couldn't agree more with you about in-lines and especially Shockey. And Matt, just like Darren, I still hunt with recurves and longbows. Have never owned a compound.
  8. Beginner needing help

    What kind of equipment are you wanting to use? I could offer some suggestions for the fly rod. I haven't fished with anything else in over 20 years so I'm about worthless there.
  9. Squirrel Poachers Busted!

    greedy thieves....
  10. Does anyone use attractants?

    I just try not to stink....
  11. It's Friday!

    Cut wood.....woods walk with something suitable for killin' rocks, maybe something BIG for killin' rocks....might fish, haven't been but once all year. I really need to do a very, very late spring cleaning in my reloading shop, (ha, ha)....been playing with different cartridges and rifles all summer and it's a mess. Church on Sunday and other than that I don't know.
  12. Bird watching and morning coffee.........

    There are two...actually 3 Farmer's Markets in Rolla. She hits the two that are downtown on Tuesday's and Saturday's. She used to do the one in St. James on Friday's but it simply became too much and this year the one in St. James hasn't been promoted as it should have been, consequently fewer customers and eventually fewer vendors. Last time I was by there on market day I saw only 3 vendors.
  13. Bird watching and morning coffee.........

    Yes it is a lot of sugar. She goes through about 125 lbs. a month.....but that ain't fer hummers, mostly it's fer bakin' goodies fer the Farmers Market. I have a neighbor who keeps bees and I guess there isn't much around in flowers and blossoms right now because there are as many or more of Ralph's bees around as hummers!! 'Course he gives us a couple jars of honey every year so that's fine and Momma and I are glad to have around them to pollinate stuff.
  14. Bird watching and morning coffee.........

    I seriously believe we have over 50 on two feeders. Joyce fills them twice daily. They are so thick sometimes they appear as a swarm of very large insects.
  15. Notice some good things at the Farm today

    'Possum in the 'simmon tree raccoon on the ground Raccoon tell the 'possum throw some 'simmons down I think everything in the wild loves 'simmons....and they make some good wine too!!!