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  1. Opening Day In My Neck Of The Woods

    Double posted somehow, never mind this one.
  2. Opening Day In My Neck Of The Woods

    Nice buck. I didn't even get a shot during regular season, then got one only day I could make it during antlerless, but I don't know what happened. Deer jumped and ran off after the shot with tail high, but I never found blood, or it laying anywhere after looking for 5 hours.
  3. Anyone out scouting?

    With other things coming up, I finally made it out earlier this week to scout a little. I want to get another 2 scouting trips in at least before the season starts, but I figured I see if anyone else is late to the game.
  4. Some pics from my yard.

    I still have to go start with my scouting for the year.
  5. CWD In Franklin County

    Heard it mentioned on another forum that it was somewhere between Union and Villa Ridge, in case anyone cared. I hunted a CA in northern Washington county this year, and it does have me a little nervous since Washington county borders Franklin, and there's always the chance a small amount of infected deer didn't get detected. I think it's pretty similar to Mad Cow disease, so I do think it's transmittable if you handle or consume certain parts of an infected deer like the brain, spine, and lymph nodes, or potentially parts of that get in your ground meat.
  6. Well, here's mine from this year. Just so no one panics at the sight of the 30 round looking magazine, I plugged it up with steel rod attached to follower so it blocks the follower from going down any further after round 9 is loaded into it.
  7. Got 1

    Sweet it finally worked. Just to clarify, that particular magazine I plugged with a steel rod attached to bottom of the follower, so there can only be 9 rounds in it, before it blocks the follower from going down any further. I do have a small profile 5 round mag for it, but I kind of like the leverage and look of the original 30 round magazine body, so I just modified one of mine to hold 9 rounds only for when I go hunting.
  8. How'd opening weekend go?

    Sweet. Got one just in time it seems. I would've been sweating had mine come down to the last day. Normally that means I'm out of luck completely.
  9. Got 1

    Thanks. I'll try to post up a pic sometime soon.
  10. Got 1

    Nothing too impressive, but Friday around 4:30 pm I got me a doe at a conservation area in Washington county. Thursday I was sitting in the bottomland area when I noticed something moving behind me like 30-40 yards. I look back and at first it seemed like a rabbit through all the saplings between us, but then it turned around and I saw it was a deer. Anyways I had to get my loud safety off, while peaking out of the corner of my eye behind me, where she was. I got the safety off without her noticing, but kept looking at her for the moment she would turn away so I could turn around. That's when she noticed something wasn't right with whatever I was, and she ran back up the hill she probably came from, but stopped like a third the way up, still probably 50-60 yards away. I was so excited at finally seeing a deer after 3 and a half days of nothing, that I figured taking a off hand standing shot with iron sights, would probably not be the cleanest kill. So as it's looking at me, I figured I chance it and move to rest the gun against something to stabilize it better. At that point her unease hit a new high and she decided to get out of there, and climbed up the rest of the way. I didn't want to risk a poor shot, so I didn't shoot after her as she was moving. The entire time, as it's climbing up and after it got over the hill I could hear it bleating warnings to other deer that may be there. So Friday, I get to the same place just waiting at a different shooting position, don't see anything for most of the day. Finally around 4:30, out of the corner of my eye I see one appear all of a sudden out of thin air near the base of the hill, climbing down to the bottomland area. I think it was the same one I saw Thursday. I was sitting in my little foldable stool up on a little rock outcropping a bit up a hill that overlooks the thick bottom, and she didn't seem to sense anything so once she gave me a good shot at 25-30 yards, I rested the rifle against a little tree near me, and let go. hit her on her left side real close to the front edge of the rib-cage. So this is what got me though. Immediately after the shot she falls over and starts kicking as if the nerves are just firing and she's already dead. But then 5-10 seconds of that later, she gets back up and starts to haul tail back towards where she came from. Surprised, I fire off another shot as she's moving. I think I hit her with that one too but I'm not certain as she kept on going and the hole in her that I thought it could be seems a bit too big. She runs maybe 20 yards and starts up the hill when I guess her adrenaline or whatever runs out, and she basically lays down a bit up the hill, almost exactly level with me and to my right. I fired off a 3rd shot, again at the front of the rib-cage just from the other side. That one knocks her over again and gets her kicking some more, but this time there's no getting up. Anyone had that happen before? I always thought if it's a good enough shot placement that causes them to fall over right away, and just start kicking with the legs, that it's a done deal, and that there's no getting up.
  11. How'd opening weekend go?

    Woohoo. Finally saw one on day 4. Best of all, in the spot I thought I would. My scouting wasn't for nothing. I even could've shot her, but decided that I'd chance it and prop up against a tree to get a more accurate shot. It was already onto me so when I went to do that it started to climb up the hill and out of there. I could've still went for a shot as it wasn't in a mad dash but I didn't chance it. It made some bleating noise or something to warn any others nearby i think, as it took off for good.
  12. How'd opening weekend go?

    I was working opening weekend, but went out Monday thru today. You did a lot better than me. I know the weather was crap (even today it was windy and swirling back and forth all day it seemed like), but I thought I would've at least had a glimpse of one myself by now. Monday and Today it was pretty much from sunrise to sunset, and Tuesday it was later in the morning until sunset, yet I still haven't seen anything bigger than a squirrel.
  13. Good Luck ?

    I'm finally free to give it a go starting tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. Good luck
  14. It's That Time Of year Again

    Seems like the general trend from the urban and youth rifle seasons, is that there's less success this year than last. I only saw 1 deer at the conservation area I'll be hunting during my scouting trips. But I'm still optimistic about it.
  15. Managed hunts

    Applied yet again for Weldon Springs Antlerless hunt, but hoped not to get picked. And that worked out as hoped. Didn't expect to either since I got drawn last year. I just wanted to up the preference points a bit. I do miss being able to drive out and star scouting the area in less than an hour from home.