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  1. Gobblers behind the house

    Nice pics. I think it will all be over by April 17 since we are 2 months ahead of normal. Couple people said hens are laying already.
  2. Just a suggestion...

    All the cool kids are on the "Missouri 'species of deer'" site. Its a great place where people get ripped for any thought or question, questioned about validity of anything they say, and full of long standing arguments between self proclaimed gurus!
  3. My 2016 Flintlock Longbeard

    Very cool. Admire your dedication to the primatve weapons.
  4. Any stories

    I got my second bird Monday at 1130. 25 pounds, 1 inch spurs, 11 and 3 inch beards. Minimal gobbling to say the least same place I had heard 10-12 first Monday. I decided to leave the blind I had been in all morning and second blind had one that went nuts soon as I called. Gasconade county as well. Really been thinned out in a week.
  5. Any stories

    Should be some stories on here. I got lucky and got a bird opening day. Only 20.5 pounds but did have a 10.5 beard and super long and sharp 1.5" measured spurs. Next week will be tougher I'm sure. Sounds like the kill is huge, especially in Franklin calloay gasconade and Osage counties.
  6. Where did everyone go

    Everyone is on the "other" Missouri site where they can bash each other and let everyone know what experts/great outdoors person they are.
  7. Don't Mind Paying For Quality

    My problem is I always see lots of other stuff i want than what I went for at those kind of stores (tractor supply, dickey bubb, etc.).
  8. Bring on the Fall!

    For sure ready for fall. Out of town for work last week and missed the nice weather. Now back to summer heat and it appears a fall drought is kicking in. Afraid my turnip plots gonna burn up and wheat seed will just lay in the dust when planted. Nice pic though a little to bright (like the "painter of light" guy) for my own taste. Do a gloomy November day one!
  9. Beans look great. Hope the upcoming dry spell don't zorch my turnips.
  10. Beans look great. Hope the upcoming dry spell don't zorch my turnips.
  11. Any poults

    Anyone seeing many poilts. I have seen some at farm but none along road when driving to/from
  12. Acorns Galore

    I looked around last time I was at farm and saw none at all. Walnuts all fell off before they were mature too. If you're seeing acorns on ground now they are bad/falling too soon. I'm gonna look closer at oaks next time I'm up there.
  13. View from April's window

    Probably gonna start seeing the food plot seed people pushing tomato plants to put in front of your stand ...
  14. Squirrel Poachers Busted!

    that's just sick for people to be that greedy. Also amazing that could kill that many in one spot. Though I remember back when I was a kid, my great uncle had some farmer friend he squirrel hunted at, had all kinds of problems with squirrels that had just swarmed his corn crib, my great uncle went out there like 3 or 4 days in a row and killed his limit of 6 each day in an hour or so.
  15. A few more

    looks like fun. all head shots is nice. Is that a .22 or a .17?