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  1. Everyone Ready?

    Haven't even made it to the woods this year I think im just gonna wing it like usual : )
  2. Everyone Ready?

    Opening morning is coming up fast. I got my arrows all fletched up do a little broadhead tuning tomorrow and in ready to go.
  3. Fishing Line Options

    I like 10lb P-line, Trilene Big Game or Stren Original for smaller catfish. 10lb is heavy enough for just about anything you will hook into, most of the time. My biggest on it so far is an 18lb blue cat. If you are fishing a place where big catfish are common you may want to step it up a bit.
  4. Outdoor Adventures hog hunt.

    If anyone is looking for a good place to go I would recommend http://www.outdooradventureshunting.com/ Nice guys and will do everything they can to get your pig. Here's my little feller. I bet he'll eat good. My buddies pig. And his dad's.
  5. Late post.

    We found all of them in an old corn field that has been taken over by sycamore trees. I hope they dont brush hogg it off next year lol.
  6. Late post.

    I would have put this up sooner but I was having trouble uploading pictures. Opening day of turkey season me and a buddy stumbled across a huge patch of mushrooms. This was what we could fit in our pockets. Then we went back and picked a bunch more. Each bag was 3 pounds. And heres a few more from the same spot 5 days later.
  7. It's Friday!

    I have family coming in today or tomorrow but for now im sitting on the river bank waiting for the spoonbill to start rolling.
  8. First morels of the year.

    Went and found a bunch more after the rain most were pinky sized so I left them for the morning. Just hope the river don't come up too much.
  9. First morels of the year.

    Im sure there was a bunch more but the rain ran me out.
  10. First morels of the year.

  11. First morels of the year.

  12. First morels of the year.

  13. First morels of the year.

    Fish weren't biting so I did a little scouting.
  14. Few more fish

    I usually snag off the bank.
  15. Few more fish

    It's a lot of fun when you have a good group we had 6 guys yesterday and we landed 28 fish it will wear you out though I have a bruise under my arm the size of a softball.