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  1. It's Friday

    Bye guys.
  2. The Basics of Fun and Successful Bow Hunting

    The link is to CROW hunting, not BOW hunting.
  3. Best Handguns for Self Defense

    Good link, but you'll be hard pressed to find many people that can actually conceal a .357 or larger revolver. A .40 semi auto is about perfect for concealed carry compared to most revolvers, and some smaller calibers semi autos are even better to conceal. Until open carry is the norm across the country, there is no perfect carry gun for everyone.
  4. Deer Hunting with a Bow is Much More Rewarding!

    I didn't read the linked article, but I totally agree with the title of the original post. Until you have tried and experienced both, you won't understand how much more rewarding bowhunting is. EDITED BY: Mohuntress
  5. Foodplots 2014

    A much better chance of widespread rain in the coming week, than the isolated showers over the past week, according to all the forecasts I have seen. And for it to be "abnormally" hot and dry, we'd have to get 0 inches of rain and 110 degree temps in July and August with no breaks. If not, it's just good old normal hot and dry.
  6. 2014 Spring Turkey hunting survey

    A) I oppose all day hunting, and I wouldn't hunt all day even if it were allowed. I've seen what all day intrusion does to the habits of male turkeys, and it ain't good. Missouri has turkey regulations and season timing placed perfectly, and there is no reason to change anything about them. Only people greedy to fill tags would suggest otherwise. C) If you feel the need to hunt out of state, I could care less that you loose days to hunt in state. Too freaking bad, deal with it, or don't go out of state. That is the most selfish reason to change regs that I have ever seen or heard of.
  7. Foodplots 2014

    Here's why. We haven't had any 90 degree temps, and we've had rain, with more in the forecast, I had some today in fact. I both detest and love your negativity at the same time, as it usually works out great for me. When you deny 2+ inches of rain as being significant
  8. Foodplots 2014

    Love you guys. Keep it up, you are the key to my success.
  9. Foodplots 2014

    Are you kidding? it's unreal to think that the ground is still wet and muddy 2 days removed from a rain.
  10. Foodplots 2014

    It definitely was enough here to get things popping.
  11. Foodplots 2014

    I ended up with 2.2" of rain here yesterday, spread out over about 13 hours, with hardly any runoff to speak of. Definitely hit the spot.
  12. Foodplots 2014

    Have had an inch of rain here so far today. Sure glad I got my seed in the ground when I did.
  13. Foodplots 2014

    I ended up with 2/10", definitely enough to start the germination process. And a possibility of rain in the forecast every day through the end of the work week.
  14. Foodplots 2014

    Nice slow steady rain falling here too.
  15. Foodplots 2014

    That's funny, I already have a tenth of an inch in the rain gauge, and it's still coming down. Looks like it could rain for another hour or two.