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  1. you can order on facebook when they are ready. you can in box there.
  2. We don't have a website. we've just been selling locally. Would like to get a site, but no idea how to do that. We have a dirt scent, a honeysuckle, and are working on our vanilla, peat moss, pine and a woods scented camo. We also have a baking soda , odor neutralizing soap. Shampoo/shower gels, will be out soon . The soaps are packaged in, round tins for convenience. We also have dirt scented laundry soap, with no uv protectors or brighteners.
  3. Was out this morn target shooting and my lower limb separated so I went and cut and split fire wood to work off my frustrations.
  4. Just sold the last of my wife's hunting soap and didn't get to keep one for me. Now I have to wait till her order of dirt scent and honeysuckle scent comes in so she can make more so I can snag one.
  5. hunt in the after noon split wood in the am splitting by hand sucks
  6. I like my 100gr g5 and 100 gr Nap Razorcap that i can change to 125 gr
  7. More firewood to split and cut
  8. Sorry to hear that you will find something soon the wife and I are sending prayers your way.
  9. ?

    It was with the Wheatland Ks chapter
  10. ?

    here is a link to the FHNB site that i volunteered with in ks
  11. ?

    Hi all hoping some one can tell me if there is a program called fishing has no boundaries here like we had in ks. it is a program that gets kids and adults with disabilities between the ages of 16-65 out on the water to fish it was a weekend long gathering with prizes and a dance. volunteers bring out their boats and take them out fishing. I have helped put power chairs on pontoon boats every one gets to go out and fish. For some of the participants this is the event that they look forward to all year. its great to see all the smiles
  12. I have a mec size master 20 gauge reloader needs cleaned up with the micro adjust powder shot bar for a 100.00
  13. All i have ever used were hang on and climbing sticks or screw in steps. not a lot of trees in ks that you can use a climber on.
  14. it is put down wet and soaks in. in texas they mix kool aid and sugar with the corn and let it ripen the put it out for hogs