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  1. Taking a few of the cub scouts to Onandaga Cave tomorrow.
  2. It's been about two weeks since I saw some. I was at Port Hudson Lake when I saw three hens and at least 12 polts. They were about half the size of the hens.
  3. You bet I'm ready. Bring it on!
  4. Just saw a button at the bottom of the screen that said full version. That helped.
  5. Looks terrible from my phone. Which is how I access the internet most if the time. I don't see a today's post anymore.
  6. Where are these unlimited antlerless tags I keep hearing about? Here, we can only buy one bonus antlerless tag. I\'m guessing the unlimited is north of the MO river. Is that also the area that people are complaining the most?
  7. I used to go every opening day. I know it\'s been 15 years or more since I went. I don\'t miss it at all. I think that may be a good day to go call some yotes. I believe it\'s on a Saturday this year, which will make it even more crowded.
  8. Video is not working on my phone.
  9. Thanks. My wife calls me a bird nerd. If I\'m not out hunting or fishing on the weekends, then you can find me out birding. It\'s enjoyable and relaxing.
  10. Fox sparrow
  11. Boat tailed grackle
  12. Anhinga
  13. Great blue heron
  14. Great egret
  15. Mute swans