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  1. Got my moose arrows done

    Those arrows are awesome. Good luck on your moose hunt. Where are you going? It is something on my bucket list I am not sure if I will get to fill.
  2. So, which one is your fave?

    I enjoy both, but get more satisfaction processing all the meat of a deer.
  3. 65!

    Always look forward to it but never go right off. I stink during early season, mostly of sweat and bug spray. I have heard that early season the deer pattern is a bit different than the October or later. Since I am hunting a postage stamp behind my house may give it a try.
  4. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    If it is not against the law it is going in the freezer. To pass the shot when you normally would shoot messes up their study. The hardest part for me is not hooking that GPS to a Simi with California licence plate!
  5. What am I finding???

    Over the years deer hunting I would occasionally find a sapling about the diameter of my thumb just mangled, bent over, nearly snapped and stripped. In the past I thought this was a sign of a large buck just tearing it up, however the area I am hunting this year has two of these and the area is just riddled with scrapes and rubs (on thumb size saplings). Which makes me think that this is a 2.5 year old buck, but eliminates the big buck theory. I have to admit there is a lot of deer sign from them feeding under to oaks, so it could be from more than one buck. So my questions are: Is this tore up sapling a rub or some sort of licking stick? What is the estimated age for a buck to be doing this? I did put a camera in the area and plan on checking sometime during the rain that is coming in so I can see what I can expect on my hunt this weekend, but the anticipation is killing me. I figured someone here may know what these sign mean.
  6. mondays hunt

    Are you sure all the owl noise was actually other hunters? One of the CA along the Big River I like to spring turkey hunt sounds like what you described and just to numerous and consistent to be other hunters. I have heard that an owl will land beside a roosted turkey in the night and slowly work them to the trunk of a tree. Once pinned between the trunk and the owl the owl will attack. Do not know how true it is, but a large owl population may result in a low turkey population if it is true. Seems like there would be signs of that if it were the case.
  7. hog hunting officially discouraged now?

    As far as I can remember once the MDC realized they had a hog problem they have said shoot on site. I think what they are trying to discourage is baiting/feeding them to encourage population growth. If you bait them to get a routine down and hunt/shoot them you may only get a couple. If you trap you may get the whole litter. Which it kinda states in the linked article. The MDC site has to much information on their sight on hogs to say that they are trying to discourage eradication. If you know the routine of some swine and you truly want to remove them, don't call out the hounds, or a group of the good ol boys, but call the MDC and see if they put their money where their mouth is!
  8. Looks like I better get a coat!

    I have been wondering if they had anything like that. The outdoor wood burners and boilers that dampen the fire once the temp. has been achieved smell like they are burning something that should of been flushed. EPA\'s explanation of how the catalytic converter works
  9. Looks like I better get a coat!

    The cost increase in insurance and the cost of wood/time, tools, ect. spent cutting your own made electric cheaper. Larry Rice suggest making sure all holes are plugged and home is insulated as well as possible before attempting to go \"off grid\". I myself need to spend some money in that aspect to save in the end.
  10. I decided to hunt on Sunday

    That is God trying to tell you something. He tried dropping a tree on me one Sunday when I was out hunting at the same time I would of normally been showing up at church. Had to reevaluate my priorities.
  11. Looks like I better get a coat!

    EPA is trying to regulate it.List of EPA certified wood burning stovesEPA health effects.
  12. Mohuntress Did You Buy This?

    What does a sharp shooter need with a scatter gun?
  13. Aging Deer Opening Weekend!

    If I had to earn collage credit that would be a fun way to do it. Must of went for the wrong degree, do not remember seeing that as an option, so what course was that for? I have only taken one deer to a processor in 1990 and processed the rest myself, so I have not spent much time at one. Was not aware you could take a deer there unfield dressed. I wonder how common that is?
  14. Finally, someone understands me!

    Now I know where President George W. Bush got his lines from. But I do not remember him using this one \"You can beat a dead horse to water, but you can\'t make him drink.\";)
  15. Grunt calls? and calls...

    Pre rut I just bleat using my mouth. Once rut comes around I use a quad call, mix between a doe in estrus bleat and a young buck. No monsters but effective.