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  1. My new longbow arrived on Wednesday!

    That is a very nice longbow
  2. Went To The River

    Wow !!! At last I can post again
  3. Went To The River

    Seems like a good day to me
  4. life as of lately updated

  5. Got 'er Did!

    You sure have a beautiful kitchen. Such a cozy place where you can enjoy a fine meal or rich coffee ... and sharing good stories.
  6. Got a couple more done

    Hope you will shoot some waterfowl over them.
  7. Anyone partial to Redheads?

    WoW! I like them. Thanks for posting.
  8. 3 more for the rig

    One day I also want to make such fine Decoys. Well done, Battman:thumbup:
  9. Birdseason is open in Africa

    :thumbup:Got too many expenses with Petrus at University and next year Josua will also go to University. So the SMO stories will have to do.
  10. Birdseason is open in Africa

    I had quite a few cups of coffee. I had to help the Lady of the house clean up the living room after we cleaned our ML shotguns. The Lady of the house don\'t mind the rotten egg smell in the living room when we clean our guns but she does object to all the cleaning patches and paraphernalia that lies on the floor and on the the table. So I cleaned the living room and then went to bed. Well, ... where was I? ... Oh yes, the francolin was rising after Jessica pointed him. I saw it change direction to my left and pulled the trigger. I can\'t remember the shot I just saw the smoke and the feathers puffing into the air and the francolin going down. I knew it was a clean kill. In fact my new loading chain seems to give me such a good pattern I\'m shooting tail feathers out of the birds. Josua got the perfect moment of the bird blurring throw the smoke on camera. Let me zoom in for you. When it hit the ground I commanded Jessica; ... \"Fetch\" She obeyed with shivering excitement and brought the bird to me with great pride. Later the afternoon when the shadows was getting long as the sun was dipping in the west I got another Swainson Francolin. Jessica pointed a bird that was too quick for me and disappeared behind some trees. Another one decided it was time to skedaddle and I took that one with a clean shot as it tried to escape towards the Cornfield. Only two birds for whole day of wingshooting but its not about the quantity of the bag but about the quality of the experience. It sure was a fine day of Muzzleloading Wingshooting. Well, thank you for sharing our day with us. Christiaan
  11. Jessica - our futer hunting partner

    Jessica is now three years old. A lot of training has gone into her and she is beginning to show potential. She still bums the birds on occasion and still gets shouted at for breaking on shot but she is a fine companion.
  12. Birdseason is open in Africa

    While you have some summer weather on your side of the big pond we are having our winter weather which means bird shooting and hunting time in Africa. Yesterday me, my son Josua and our German Shorthair Pointer went out to a farm some 25 miles out of town to look at the Gamebird population and possibly shoot some with our 20Ga Pedersoli shotguns. Josua missed a clean and classic going away bird and we came to the conclusion that that particular gun just doesn\'t fit him he has missed so many birds with that gun since he upgraded from the single barrel 12Ga to the double barrel Pedersoli. With his old single barrel he used to smoke them. Here is a photo of a frustrating double miss after a classic point by Jessica. It sure was a beautiful sight to see a perfect point, a bird flying and the double barrel of smoke against an overcast canvas.By the afternoon when the sun was high and and hot, .. and the air was dry and dusty, three francolin was walking out of a plowed field as we rounded a bend. I zoomed in with the camera and took this pic. Just see how good they blend in with the dry wintergrass. They didn\'t fly away when we walked closer but watched us carefully. I knew they will fly for better cover and then sit tight for a while. We decided to train Jessica on them. They did fly to the longer swampygrass next to a small flowing stream that had long reeds in it. We knew it was a good opportunity to get a point from Jessica. She rushed into to first bird and flushed it. We shouted NO!! and she knew it was wrong and sat down. We don\'t shoot if she doesn\'t point to teach her not to flush the birds. We watched where it landed and made a mental note. We guided her to where we knew the second bird landed closer to the long reeds. Jessica obeyed when we gave the search command and froze to a classic point right where we thought the bird should be. I told Josua to get the camera ready and walked up to her. I cocked the hammers of my 20Ga Pedersoli when I reached Jessica on her point. The Francolin then exploded from the grass to my right and changed direction to my left. Josua got the rise nicely on camera. Well, let me go and make some coffee first and then continue the story later ....
  13. Little Miss Harper Ann Has Finally arrived!

    Congratulations Dena, many blessings to the whole family
  14. Fly Fishing Fanatics

    Vic, I have been very busy at work. But I realize we must not complain if we are busy. At least we have a job and the job can pay our salary.
  15. Said goodbye to a great old boy, today!

    Sorry to hear you lost Duke.