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  1. The line so far

    awesome red coyote we caught this morning
  2. The line so far

    Here goes....well that didn't work. I'll try from the laptop later
  3. The line so far

    Been a decent year, coons just are not cooperating though. 31 possums, 2 beaver, 1 bobcat, 4 skunks, 13 coon and 4 coyotes. Let's see if pics upload here
  4. Who's Been Slinging Arrows?

    Nope, probably looking at hand surgery at the least. Doubt I'll be slinging much of anything soon
  5. Automatic Deer Feeder Question???

    Is there a funnel inside the barrel to funnel the corn to the hole? If not, there should be, otherwise they tend to clog up. Secondly, the small spout that's sticking out of the barrel is waaaay to far away from the spinner plate. When it does start working correctly I'm fairly certain all of your corn is just gonna spill over the sides of the plate before the motor even spins.
  6. Mo elk season coming.

    Curious as to how they plan on issuing tags for an animal that is listed as livestock in the state of missouri...
  7. Been a while

    Saturday is fine for rain. Starting to get hay cut now. Left for work at 7am, got "home" at 630, been In the tractor till now 11:15pm cutting fields. Hoping I can squeeze enough seat time in before the rain on Thursday to get these fields baled.
  8. Best Handguns for Self Defense

    without reading the linked article. The best handgun for defense is one youll carry, one your comfortable and familiar with, one youve practiced with, and one your not afraid to use if the need arises.
  9. Deer Hunting with a Bow is Much More Rewarding!

    I hunt both rifle and archery, where I am right now...I'd sooner archery hunt. The rifle is alright but when I connect with a rifle it dont feel like a great big acomplishment. At least not like it used to. Last season I was more pumped up with the doe i got with my bow than i was with the buck i shot with my rifle. to be honest though, I'd sooner be running a trap line than mess with deer these days. But I'm sure I'll be out there as soon as archery opener rolls around.
  10. To All The Dads

    finally had a weekend to chill out and relax... smoked ribs on the grill yesterday, spent today planting food plots, and the afternoon at gander mountain and buffalo wild wings with the fam. kids hooked me up with some camo gear and the wife got me set up with a kick-a new lowrance fish finder for the boat. back to the grind tomorrow...boooo
  11. food plot

    how long has that been in the ground? I JUST got time to put beans in this morning..of course it was "supposed to" rain...and didnt.
  12. Been a while

    droppin in to say whattup. been uber busy getting the farm ready to run cattle and as of late..getting the boat ready and waiting on no rain to put up hay. seems theres not enough time to get anything done or mess too much on the internet lately. this is actually the first time Ive hit up the sites using a computer instead of fighting the tiny screen on my phone. with that said, have we hashed out season placement, crossbows, baiting/plotting, or deer farm issues yet? lol.