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  1. Well after 40 years and 1 month today is my last day at work then off to retirement! I\'ll be moving near Bonne Terre and the first order of things is going to order a new Crossbow! Then spend a lot of time with ny new Grandson!
  2. Nice job, now catch some biggins!
  3. 9 days left till retirement......just sayin!
  4. Good choice, thats what I was in!
  5. Son-inlaw Daughter and Grandson coming in town saturday. Planning on quality time with my Grandson. I just hope the s*#w stays away!
  6. I heard thunder about 3 times here in Cedar Hill. Come on Spring, the only thunder I want to hear is a Turkey Gobble!
  7. Thats a total bummer! Whatever happen to employee loyalty? Hope for the best for you.I\'ll be rertiring after 40 years. Cant wait.
  8. I\'ve seen my fair share here in Cedar Hill. Yuucch! Where is GOGOP? He loves Snakes.
  9. Gonna drive over to Kansas City 2morrow and meet my new Grandson!
  10. Boy that sounds good, I\'ll have to try that!
  11. Didnt get any Ice or Snow here in Jefferson county. Which is fine by me.
  12. First of all you need to have a Cajun accent. Shooo-t him Clint!
  13. I cant imagine the breeding process.
  14. Its a Whitetail Deerkey, or a Tomuck, or a Gobbuck and lastly a Buckler.