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  1. A Whopper

  2. Sad Day

    Mr B will be missed.
  3. Where did everyone go

    Been awhile since I had squirrel..
  4. Day Off?

  5. I'm Back!

    Stop hiding!
  6. Now Mine

    With the passing of my best friend last month, I have acquired the boat we spent many trips in.WOODS
  7. Redneck Bikers

  8. my little mechanic

  9. Purchased Mohuntresses Sportster

    Looks like your having fun!
  10. 2011 Gun Season

    Woods & GTOHunters 11 point bucks taken during the 2011 gun season:
  11. Why is it...

    US can\'t compete with middle eastern labor that pays 0.96 hour verse the US average wage of $26 hour...
  12. Lots of camping, but in what?

    After 25 years of Royal Rangers, tent camping and back packing. I EARNED my motel on wheels. LOL!