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  1. More chickens!

    I got nine eggs yesterday, and six today. I hope to keep getting more.
  2. More chickens!

    I got six Golden Comets today. That makes 15 laying hens, and three roosters. :cooldance:
  3. Hatched some quail

    Here\'s a couple videos of some Coturnix Quail I just hatched. Cool little birds, and they can run fast.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ4fBpVjQjwhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfM35X65JfU
  4. How many states?

    I\'ve only hunted in Missouri.I\'ve fished in Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and also in Canada.
  5. For my final ride

    ...and a gun. I like my friends to be armed. :cheers:C-Craig, I\'m only going that far because I already have my spot paid for, and to be buried near my late wife. I bought extra plots when my wife died (in 2008), so my son will be buried next to her (at his request) and I\'ll be on the other side of my son. My inlaws will be next to me. I moved 125 miles away from where I was, so I need Tyler to haul me back once I assume room temperature.
  6. Things are slow.. What do you guys like?

    Post I quoted was deleted. Eject, eject, eject!
  7. Too cold to let the chickens out yet

    I\'m getting one to three eggs per day recently, and I\'m almost up to three dozen for the year so far. I don\'t give them artificial light or heat in the coop though; they just get what comes. I do give them shell corn in the afternoons though, to help them build up heat during the night. Mine will hardly touch cracked corn, leaving most of it on the ground.
  8. For my final ride

    I\'m trying to have everything preplanned, so that whenever the time comes it won\'t be as difficult for my family. I recently completed a pre-need deal on funeral services, through a friend in Jefferson City, and even arranged for what vehicle he\'ll use to take me over to St. Louis.It\'s a 1963 Cadillac hearse, which is a very cool car. I almost bought one of these many years ago, to use for hunting and camping. It\'ll look so good, creating a traffic jam on Hwy 50 from Jeff City to Union.
  9. I took this pic a little while ago, through my bathroom window. I\'m not going to go bother the chickens until it\'s a bit warmer, so I don\'t lure them out into this cold.
  10. Things are slow.. What do you guys like?

    I got nuthin\'. :hmmm:I never really look for a certain thing, but just check to see if something catches my attention. That can vary so widely, that I can\'t pinpoint how to do it.I check in here every day, though I hardly ever post anything.
  11. It's Friday!

    Tomorrow is Monster Jam in St. Louis, and I think it\'s the first one I\'m going to miss since Brad was born.
  12. A little chicken video from this morning

    Altogether, I\'ve lost 10 to 15 of them to predators during the two years I\'ve had chickens. I\'ve shot about a third as many predators, and am always to shoot anything that comes after them. (Except the hawks, which I just shoot near to scare them away). I don\'t know how phone stuff works, but it\'s a normal YouTube video, set to Public.
  13. Just under two minutes of video, from when I let them out this morning.