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  1. Sorry to hear about Lyndon. I miss Dave. We became quite good friends during our brief acquaintance. He was a good and decent man. RIP
  2. Nice one!
  3. Nice way to spend Memorial Dan Darren.
  4. I think you need to update this Darren.
  5. Good report doofus. Happy to hear someone in GC having some luck.
  6. I have only had 2 opportunities and it wasn't too eventful. Hunting gasconade county and they are doing the same thing they did last year early in the season. Gobbling good on the roost, a few gobbles on the ground and then nothing. Not paying attn. to dekes and not coming to calls. Hoping that changes next week which is the earliest I will be able to get back out. Good luck all.
  7. Bout time. I still need to til in my garden.
  8. Big fella there.
  9. Going to dinner tonight, nice steakhouse. Nothing much else planned this weekend and sometimes that's the way I like it.
  10. Yessum... very much looking forward to some spring turkey action.
  11. One of the most interesting reads I have ever come across on an outdoor forum. He is amazing!
  12. Its a goodn alright.
  13. Looks like fun to me!
  14. I see everything just fine also.
  15. Looks awesome Joe. Congrats man.