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  1. Crossbow Survey

    food plots are not baiting, period, Legal=Food Plot= a plant that is sewn, it grows and puts off a product that is edible, Food.illegal=Baiting= a food product that is taken to an area and poored from a bag or spread in an area, and did not come from a plant that was growing there.if your going to call a corn field, soy bean field, or any other crop or plant that bears fruit baiting, then you best go to your favorite wooded ridge and remove every Acorn that falls from a tree as it is the very same thing, anyone with any sense knows a deer will walk past corn to get to sweat acorns, it is a fact that it is their favorite food and they know time is limited for those as well and they benifit from that source of food more than any other. What gets me is salt blocks or mineral blocks, or licks, they are placed and a person could in fact argue that these are baiting, but the MDC says they allow those and do not consider them baiting, probably because its really not a big draw for deer that time of yr. As far as crossbows go, and i did not read the original post, there already is a crossbow season, its called firearms season. there is a big diference between a cross bow and any other bow, it can stay cocked and ready to shoot, the shooter does not have to hold it at draw while waiting for that perfect shot. He also moves much less to make that shot. Do i think they should be allowed during the regular archery season? Shoot NO, every Tom, Dick and Harry will be in the woods, and those will be the people who wont put in the time to learn the weapon properly because they think it will be like shooting a gun. BUT, if a hunter has a disability that keeps them from drawing a bow the normal way, im 100%, no, 200% fine with them getting a permit to use a crossbow during archery season. if you just want to have several months to hunt deer, do what other archers do, buy the archery equipment and shoot all spring and summer long to learn the weapon, and learn how to get close enough to deer to breath the same air, thats the whole point of archery hunting.
  2. Finally got a tumbler.

    media lasts for quite some time, 2 different medias that you can change out, walnut to clean the brass to a nice shine and remove grime before sizing, and cob to run it through after sizing to remove the oil film before loading. most reloaders just run the tumbler after sizing. And a few others will wait, load everything up and then throw the finished rounds in..i think thats a bad idea, im afraid the powder will break down into smaller granuals and that potentially could change the powders performance, maybe even making a load hotter. Opinions vary greatly from one loader to another.
  3. 97 people !

    crap this is not the polotics forum its the 2nd amendment forum.....i went pretty close to off topic.
  4. 97 people !

    Its a long way from a negative defeatist attitude, you guys focused in on my rant about the truth of the matter, and in doing so failed to see what i was trying to say. If you want to keep your guns, if you want the constitution to stay intact, you have got to vote these scum bags out of office, And you have got to persuade everyone you know, and others you dont to get off the couch and flex their might at the voting booth. They dont listen to us no more, they have quit listening to us a long time ago.
  5. Mark Twain National Forest Hunting Pressure?

    its not to bad oneshot. but the better hunting is south of Salem.
  6. shot shell reloading

    Reloading can be cheap, and it can be expensive..getting started is the costly part, and you have to own that equipment for a long time for it to pay off.....or...you have to do a lot of shooting. Right now, reloading components are getting real costly. back when i started i could buy a 1lb bottle of powder for $12.00, today that very same bottle of powder is $28.00, and some others i use have broke the $30.00 ceiling for 1lb. its still cheaper than buying a box of ready made ammo though. its the initial cost that hurts, the savings begin once your set up and going.
  7. Pistol Question

    Im Telling you, i have this little XD9 Sub compact and i love it, i have not one single time had it fail in any way shape or form, and its accurate for its size. Go shoot one, Ill put mine up against a Glock any daggum day. Cops and military are even complaining about the glocks.
  8. 97 people !

    There is only one thing that politicians understand, thats is a vote against them!! I dont know if you noticed, but when there was hundreds of thousands of Tea Party members gathering in DC protesting, the politicians ignored them, then when they couldnt ignore them anymore they called them, White Supremacists, KKK, Astro Turf, Racists and the list goes on. they even had to Escort poor little ol frail Pelosi with her oversized Gavel to the house to protect her from all them blood thirsty astro turf people. Dont freaking get me started, the fact that these peaces of dung did not get voted out already is more proof that the people of this country have already turned into SHEEEEP BAHH. it was only 10-15 yrs ago they would have been unseated in a heart beat. so im back to this sign on the sidewalk crap, it dont work, you got to vote them out, and vote them out EVERY 4 to 8 yrs to get rid of the riff raff who decide they are elite and think they are the ultimate supreme beings. they have no term limits, we need to be sure at the booth that they do have term limits. you want them to leave your gun alone, get out and talk to every gun owner, and every conservative, every Libertarian, and every independent you can and try to get them off the couch to vote the correct way, FREEDOM.
  9. Great Camo!

    Timber Rattler is even better concealed.
  10. Pistol Question

    I have mags that have been loaded for years, spring should handle that fine. Take it to a gun smith, they can most of the time work the feed ramp over and polish it for smoother feeds. Also the spring tension in the slide action may need to be changed, the abuse the slide action takes in a 40cal is profound. If none of that works try a different brand of ammo, some guns just do not like certain ammo. It may have worked fine before but clearly not now. My bet is a gun smith and feed ramp rework.
  11. Yeah forgot about that, is think it would be a huge lawsuit if they started interrogating children. But that wouldn\'t deter them.
  12. How they gonna know you have one so they can fine you if you don\'t tell them DUH, this country is full of idiots.
  13. Finding that magic bullet???

    Well, a 243 will certianly kill predators, and many use them. But if your wanting to salvage a fur, id look at getting a .223, 22-250, 220 swift or something along them lines. not sure how light a bullet can be purchased for the .243 to tame it down for hides, but im pretty sure you wont find a light enough bullet unless you reload.
  14. Building this Spring or summer

    Also, i plan on doing pictures as i go with the build, and maybe ill do a time lapse video. but i will be posting my progress here..first pictures ill grab of my plot next time im out.