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  1. Drought

    I have been monitoring the drought map for Missouri and looks pretty serious up there for y'all. Anybody finding in dead bucks due to the drought? I know on my trip to Missouri in 2012 after a severe drought I found 6 dead bucks on the public property I was hunting.
  2. My new custom box call

    Beautiful calls. And what a keepsake for them to have come from wood off the family farm. Congrats Darren!
  3. Looks like Kansas this fall

    My plans this fall have changed. I was set on hunting Mark Twain Cedar Creek Unit as I did in 2016 but was approached by a good friend of mine at church to see if I would apply for the Kansas lottery along with several other members of our church community. And what do you know, we were drawn. Never been to Kansas but my buddy says it should prove to be a great hunt. Still trying to narrow down the public area(s) we will be hunting, but I plan on going off his recommendations. I hope to give a good report back this fall. God bless.
  4. Does anybody................

    I still check in weekly but not seeing much in the way of activity either.
  5. Have to change my avatar

    I have just ordered a new bow and am going with an Elite Option 6. So when it comes in I will be changing my avatar. LOL! Big problem to have isn't it?
  6. An early Christmas present - my WHB Destiny longbow!

    Beautiful bow Darren!
  7. Where.......

    We had a blast and it looks as though this is going to become an annual event.
  8. Where.......

    Heading up to Canton, TX this weekend to bring my wife to the Trade Days up there. Supposed to be the largest flea market in the country. She really enjoys that sort of thing so taking her, along with another couple, to allow her to enjoy the type of hunting that really gets her excited.
  9. Orange army doe

    Made a trip to my old stomping grounds on public land in Avoyelles parish Louisiana to battle the orange army in the 3 day either sex weekend. The weekend started off slow with no deer sightings Friday or Saturday. Sunday it was time to make a move closer to a doe bedding area that I typically save for prerut in mid December. As the sky began to glow with the first hints of morning I stood in my stand for more maneuverability if anything should approach. Within just a few minutes of having decent shooting light I heard rustling in the brush to the north of me. In a small clearing I saw ears flickering....I grabbed my bow and got in position to make the shot. There were 3 does on a trail that would allow me a 20yd shot. I had a hard time getting on the first doe so I moved to the second one. She paused in just the right spot. I released and watched as the arrow slammed into her shoulder. She tried to run but only managed to drag herself 60 yds before collapsing.
  10. Doubled up with the smokepoles!

    Looks like a great weekend Darren. Congrats! Always good to meet and make new friends.
  11. My Wood Lot Kansas Buck

    Sweet buck. Congrats!
  12. Youth Hunt Success!

    Love seeing the young ones out there hunting. Congrats to her!
  13. Got er' did

    Super buck. Congrats!
  14. Bowonly's 2017/18 Hunting Journal

    10/24/17 Decided to sit a stand that was set up on an oak ridge that showed lots of sign of buck movement through this area....lots of rubs and scrapes. Along with sign of deer feeding on acorns. Wind is a little stronger than I like but not long after daylight a young forkhorn buck works his way through the oaks. A little later I hear crunching in the leaves and look on the next ridge over to see a good buck making his way across the draw onto the ridge I am sitting. I give him a few grunts to slow him down and possibly work him into shooting range. He stops and begins working his way toward me but a closer look through the binos reveals he is not what I drove to Iowa for. Right before I get down for lunch a spike works his way through the oaks cruising. That afternoon I am sitting in an opening between 2 cedar thickets that borders a standing cornfield. Saw 1 deer but my movement caught its attention before I could tell if it was a buck or doe. Thus ends day 1 of my hunt.
  15. Bowonly's 2017/18 Hunting Journal

    10/23/17 Scouting continues. Starting to narrow down some sort of pattern for feeding and traveling/deer movement. Began setting stands.