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  1. Bad bow fishing

    Things like this is why a lot of people look down on bowfishing! Stuff like this is what we all have to pay for!
  2. Big cat quest

  3. Big cat quest

    New Madrid tourny moved to June 15 2013
  4. got me a yak

    First thing is the lack of space and in a sit inside kayak it will be more cramped.... next is the lack of stability hints the out riggers on mine... next is cold weather fishing you are going to get wet! and agian the lack of space you have to figure out what tackle you are going to take and nothing else no more I ll take the crappie box, bass box, and etc!!!! I do wish I would hav got a 12+ ft kayak but this 10ft is easy to load and unload by my self...That was the bad now here is the good....you are super quite in the water( I paddled stait through a school of feeding paddle fish my first time out and they did not even spook!), you can fish alot of places most people cant, seeing as you only float about 3\" deep, you can transport it easy to fish places most people have never even thought about, the critters are not scared of me in my yak I have paddled by bobcat, deer, fox and they just look at me..LOL, the conversations it starts with people its kinda like (atleast in my parts) people have never seen a kayak (well now that walmart is selling them we will probably see a lot more) I have had game wardens come up to me and just talk never check my license never ask to see my basket or any thing just to talk about the yak, my favorite is you dont have to license them or have a boaters license to use them on Corp. or engineer lakes....I dont like paying any more taxes than I need too! (no motor license, no boat license, no trailer license, no Personal Property taxes on any of that!)this is my best fishing investment ever! but a tandem or 2 person kayak would make it that much better for space and the kids could come along.I say buy one but be very picky that way you know exactly what you want and what you are going to use it for and remember the life jacket its npt a matter if if you will dump the yak but when!!!find kayaks and test them in the store I could not fit inside any of the budget Sit Inside Kayaks my legs where too long thats why I got the Sit on top version, the last thing you want to do is buy a kayak get out to the lake and find out that you cannot fit inside the thing!....
  5. Bait buckets legal?

    so does an old crank phone!...LOL...JK..
  6. Bait buckets legal?

    So i read an article in a magazine that showed guys chumming cats with ferminted grain...they also use what they called bait buckets they fill 5 gallon buckets up with grain fill with water and let fermint then they drill holes in the side of the buckets and sink them with rope so they could pull them back up let them sit in the water over night and fish around then the next morning....sounds like a good idea is it legal in Missouri? I know we can chum but I was not sure about the buckets I meen we cant bait dove or deer why should we be able to bait fish? But if we can I will!!!!
  7. Semo drainage ditch bowfishing

  8. Semo drainage ditch bowfishing

    my first bow kill!!!! the wind got up and I could not see any thing that night saw one tail and stuck on fish!
  9. Semo drainage ditch bowfishing

    Ok yeah well I will fish up until midnight and not a minute later!....LOL:freak:
  10. Semo drainage ditch bowfishing

    I drove by the ditch this after noona and they are full of commons going to stick some tonight!!!!! well I think I can I will have to look on MDC and see.....
  11. a new jig

    How bought dees!!!http://www.uv-tackle.com/index.php and I belive they are made in MO!
  12. Oklahoma angler gets state-record longnose gar

    I will shoot one this summer and you can put my face on here I already made the comment on the MDC facebook page that I would shoot a bigger one this summer!....LOL....
  13. Dirts fishing agian

    went to Wappapello last Saturday did catch a bunch but only two keepers which where nothing to post or brag about but I did get a nice picture...
  14. My dog

    LOL like some others I know!.........LOL:clap:
  15. Had a Laugh Yesterday

    and gar I fed some gar to some folks one time and I think they thought they where eating boiled lobster meat!...LOL