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  1. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    going in the freezer
  2. Last stand..

    Well I'm going down like the 7th cavalry. Last evening of the season 25ft up. . set up on a choke point see what happens never been in this area before.
  3. Anterless buck down

    Hunting in Indiana for the holiday spotted these deer at one end of the property missed at 100 yards had to run a 1/2 mile or so to catch them at a choke point on the other end of the country block. First 4 beat me there but this one wasn't so lucky...
  4. 2014/15 deer contest entry thread

    Indiana antetless 25 points I believe. Team 6
  5. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    Only saw a hog today.. had piglets and was to far way...
  6. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    Got on a pretty good looking deer last night. Basicly sat in the thickest bedding area i could find.. Had him at about 50 but there was so much brush i could barely make the deer out.. Looked pretty good though.. im in a toss up if i will set that spot a little diffrent tonight or sit a active scrape and hope for the best..
  7. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    "want to shoot" is quickly becomming a brown and down senario still holding out on that last anydeer arch tag.
  8. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    I have seen so many tree rats lately ive been tempted to do the same thing... But need at least 1 more deer to even be close to making it thru the year with meat. The newbee i took out for rifle season wants to try bow season.. Going to let him shoot the nova today and see what happens... If he can shoot a halfway decent group at 20-30 ill set him up with my hang on... Had a pretty good year for acorns around here so its got me hunting all ove the map trying to get something patterned... Ive been pretty lucky in the past with random tree sets... going to make a few this week... Really thinking about heading to the swamp. I just hate trying to find my way out at night one wrong turn and your going to get wet...
  9. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    Time to get ready.. second phase is comming scrapes are getting hit again... colder weather this week, End of the week is looking really good
  10. Where is everyone.. No body hunting?

    Been out last four days. First 2 were pretty active last two have been slow. Haven't seen anyone posting lately did yall hang it up for the year or what.
  11. Budget Bow???

    My first pin is good all the way to 30.. I didn't shoot 40 at all target was jacked up so I set pin #1. Skipped pin 2 and set pin 3 at 50.. And I'm pretty comfortable with it at 50 already but I doubt I'll ever use more then the first pin
  12. Budget Bow???

    well picked up the Carbon Knight today.. I absolutely love this thing.. Shooting a lot more draw weight then I'm use to but managed some decent groups 10 minutes after buying it. Bow shoots so flat shooting one pin from 10-30 yards skipped a pin and set the 3rd at 50 will go dial it in more tomorrow but arm was getting tired. Can't wait to hit the tree.
  13. Budget Bow???

    Going to shoot the bowtech carbon knight tomorrow. 335 IBO 3.2lbs also shooting PSE madness and PSE drive. I can get the bowteck ready to shoot with apex crap for 550 madness for $425 same 335 IBO but 4.2lbs
  14. Budget Bow???

    Where did you get a Mauler for $250? I looked and ready to shoot on the net was close to 600 bucks... I spose i auto look around online for a used one. Id really like to get in the 320s IBO... most of what im looking at is shooting 306-316 IBO.. The DNA is out of my price range 900 bucks, i like the brute but as with most the other PSEs 4.7 LBS, Im going to Bass Pro this weekend ill Shoot a few and see what feels right, Just ordered new set of shoes for the K2500. so i gota stay on budget.
  15. Budget Bow???

    SO Im getting ready to replace the old Nova. I looked at so many bows i dont even wanna look anymore. Ive been trying to keep it under 500 bucks ready to shoot. Ive looked at everything from the new Bear, PSE, Hoyt Charger, Redhead, Diamond, ect........ So what are you guys shooting? I am considering a couple diffrent PSEs, My last one was so good to me Id hate to jump brands but they are HEAVY... I think i have it narrowed to the PSE Stinger X, or the Bear Attitute, But every time i look i come up with diffrent top choices.