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  1. coyote hunting

    no barn anymore out there. actually got rid of the chicken coop couple years ago because of the coyotes and bobcats. well with season starting im taking my first day next week. ill keep yall updated!
  2. coyote hunting

    well i still havent got the call in yet, but went to my grandpa\'s land (where ill be hunting) said its just the way i remember, coyotes are howling every night down there and it doesnt sound to far from his house. says it starts about as soon as sun down so we should be able to get some, that or a bobcat since people been spotting those a couple times this year. either way im excited
  3. chat

    thank you ill try doing that then
  4. coyote hunting

    i think i can handle it lol im really excited for this hunt so hopefully my adrenaline will be kicking. im sure it will as it usually is
  5. chat

    every time i try to get into the chat, it says my username or password is wrong. could it be the internet im using?
  6. coyote hunting

    thanks for telling me that lol had to double check good thing for this website and yall helping me out!
  7. coyote hunting

    well as i get more into it, which im sure i will. i would love to go to hand calls. going to go look around my land tomorrow for any scat or other markings while i turkey hunt. wish i had my call but its not in yet. what time of day do you go michael?
  8. coyote hunting

    yes i have read about wind and concealment. what about tips for scouting before the hunt. i know they are out there i hear them all the time. also any tips for night hunting them? i know you use a red beam as a light source but what about scope choice?
  9. coyote hunting

    hey sorry it took a day to get back to yall. im hunting in Archie, mo. it can go from a very wooded area into a field all of a sudden. plus i have areas with small clearings running through woods(good places to call in turkey and deer) and also random ponds scattered through the woods and open areas. im waiting until the 7th to actually go. still trying to research and get some stuff in. i want to do a mouth call but thought i would just start with an electronic for now. i want to get a decoy but unsure what i want as one.
  10. never hunted quail

    hey yall ive never hunted quail and i was wondering if anyone knew of a place around KC that i could. my uncle was telling me about a place he used to go to that had their own dogs you could use. any places like that around? or maybe some one so kind could take me and my buddy and show us the ropes! thanks for all of your help
  11. coyote hunting

    so i just recently got interested in coyote hunting. bought a electronic call off ebay (Lohman electronic), been reading all weekend on different strategies and what not. just wondering if anyone else had some personal input on helping getting my first coyote. maybe something you do that not many people think of doing or telling a new coyote hunter. thanks!
  12. How did you find ShoMeOutdoors?

    searching hunting bobcats in missouri off of google