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  1. GSP/Catahoula Pups

  2. who's workin a ton of overtime?

    Feast or Famine for me, right a tthe moment its Famine.
  3. Attention all members

    There are only 2 forums where new members can post, the \"new members area\" and \"new members tips and guides\" in those forums all posts, including yours must be approved before they show. So keeping that in mind. New members are \"required\" to introduce themselves, this weeds out the spam. Once the introduce themselves they are free to post elsewhere on the site. So, when you welcome someone in their first post and it does not show right away, there is no need to try agian. It will eventually show, so be patient with staff as they sift through the posts. Also staff posts always show immediately, it\'s the design of the add on.
  4. is it me, or SMO ?

    should bve correct for our time now.
  5. is it me, or SMO ?

    it is wrong on the forums base time, ill adjust it.
  6. chat

    Smizner, you\'ll have to register there as well best of my recollection. Also some people still can\'t get in. Moving this to another forum.
  7. Hey staff members

    Ok, the like button, if your reading a post, or just like the forums and want to let those in your friends list know about it you click the like button and it will show on your wall. Your friends can then see it and click the link and it will bring them here to the forums to read the post you like, or what ever page you liked, click away, spread the disease. The send button will let you send a link to someone, same purpose.
  8. How did you find ShoMeOutdoors?

    Welcome to SMO!!
  9. what the heck

    Upon Registering Administrators get a u2u alerting them to a new registration, new member is forced to introduce themselves as you have already seen, you must have at least one post to post in all forums but 2, you must have a certain amount of posts to create new threads in all forums but 2. this did not completely stop the spam, so now they can make those posts, only in those two areas, but the post will not show until the administrator reviews it and approves it, once approved it will show up in the new member area and that member then has their 1 post to join the rest of the community as a member. Spam has just been so bad that drastic measures had to take place to help keep the forums clean for SMO\'s real members. you will also notice that: Avatar Gallery is up, you can pick a stock avatar if you dont have one by browsing the folders. You can now attach and upload your own Avatar by going to your control panel, edit profile. The Avatar will go into the Custom folder, we ask that you not use other members uploaded avatars without permission. State flags, you now have the option of picking a State Flag or USA Flag by going to your control panel and edit profile.
  10. Attention everyone

    The forums are now upgraded, and they are back on and ready for you to post and read with the rest of the community, Thank you for your patients and understanding.
  11. Attention everyone

    SMO will be upgrading the forums. So starting at 12:00AM the forums will be turned off to all membership and guests, reading and posting during the upgrade will not be allowed. The upgrade should not take long, but I\'m scheduling 2hrs downtime. We should be back online by 2am at the latest, but it could in reality be much sooner. Thank you for your patients during this upgrade, and your continued support of SMO
  12. Name this track?

  13. New to bow fishing

    Your welcome, let us know what you finally do
  14. New to bow fishing

    here is a link to some reels..personally I would go with a AMS Reel in the 300 series, they go for around $70.00...but there is some reels here for cheaper already having 200lb test line...then down below is a reel holder that screws into the front of the bow where the stabilizer goes, but by the time you buy both of those units you can have the AMS and it is a complete system with safety slides. i would use a slide system on your arrow whatever you do so that the line from the reel dont get tangles with the bow string during a shot and cause kick back.http://www.sbtoutdoors.com/bowfishing-reels.htm here is another link with some info on bowfishing as well.http://www.freewebs.com/skatefish7/bowfishingreels.htm
  15. New to bow fishing

    For a long time the Zebco 404 or 808 was used for bowfishing...but I cant tell you how well they work. probably be good enough until you decide to get real involved, then you might want to upgrade to a reel made for bowfishing.