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  1. I certainly like seeing this on my trail camera behind the house! I've got seven gobblers hanging out together and some of them are roosting about 100 yards from the back porch. You can bet that on April 17th I will be laying for these guys with a sweet call on my lips and a sharp broadhead! Darren
  2. The Conservation Federation of Missouri's annual convention is in a couple of weeks and they have a silent auction that the United Bowhunters of Missouri always donates an item to. This year, I wanted to get a turkey call from a local call maker, craft a leather holster for it and donate the pair to the auction. This is the end result. I contacted Scott Ashburn (Scott's Custom Turkey Calls) to get a call from him and when he heard what I had planned he donated the call to the cause. The holster I made for it has a vegetable-tanned cowhide frame covered in hippopotamus hide. The trim is deer and it's all sewed up by hand using artificial sinew. Thanks again, Scott! Darren
  3. Next weekend is the United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival and we have a big live auction on Saturday night with all kinds of goodies up for grabs. For my donation this year, I had this box call made by Charlie Miller and this pot call (ceramic over slate) and strkers made by Vince Crawford. I made the leather holsters to carry them around in. The holsters have a vegetable-tanned cowhide frame covered in ostrich skin. The trim is deer and I sewed everything up by hand with artificial sinew. Hopefully, they will make the club a little money. Darren
  4. I made these two arm guards for a couple in Florida. They don't bowhunt but they compete in SCA archery tournaments. The Society for Creative Anachronisms is a group of folks who role play living during the Renaissance Era. I met the husband, Eric, several years ago when he was on a traditional archery forum looking for a bow string. I told him I'd make him one and we struck up a friendship. For Christmas this year, he and his wife, Kelly, decided to give each other one of my arm guards. I told them that all they needed to do was pay for the leather. Both arm guards are made from elephant hide and are trimmed in deer. I carved the lace hooks out of deer antler and sewed everything up by hand using artificial sinew. Darren
  5. Come join us at the 30th annual United Bowhunters of Missouri Festival. This family-friendly event has something for everyone; seminars, auctions, vendors, raffles, food and a whole lot more! Come learn about falconry, 3D target repair, flight archery and hunting mountain goats in British Columbia. Try to win a custom Black Widow bow (a $1000 value) and stay for the banquet to hear guest speaker, Dean Derby, talk about hunting Colorado's Big Ten with a stick and string. This is a a great event for the hardcore hunter and someone who is just thinking about getting into the sport. A good time is guaranteed and you'll be surrounded by some of the finest folks on the planet! Festival Registration Info Schedule Of Events Facebook Event Page Black Widow Bow Raffle Tickets Darren
  6. For the past month I have not been able to post any pictures. I click on the the "Insert other media" drop down and then pick "Insert image from URL". A dialog box appears but the busy icon just spins and spins and spins. Any ideas about what is causing this? I am using Google Chrome as my browser. Another thing I've noticed recently is that folks, including me, are getting double posts. You post something on a thread and it shows up twice. What's up with that? Darren
  7. He did a nice job! Darren
  8. He did a nice job! Darren
  9. Right back at you! Darren
  10. Right back at you! Darren
  11. Congratulations! He looks like he'll be good eating. Darren
  12. Congratulations! He looks like he'll be good eating. Darren
  13. Good for you! Glad you got some meat. Darren
  14. Good for you! Glad you got some meat. Darren
  15. Last Thursday afternoon I finally got promoted from Deer Monitor to Deer Killer after calling this young 6-pointer in and dispatching him with my longbow. My dad had seen this buck in the same spot when I was hunting with him a couple of weeks ago. There is a huge thicket between our graveyard and our middle field and the deer use it as a main travel corridor. Dad always clears a road out in the middle of it to make their traveling easier and I set up on the road edge occasionally. This time I was in a hickory tree up on a little knob that looks down on the road just before it goes into the field. The buck had the brush horned up all around the mouth of the road so I knew he was using the area regularly. About 4:30 pm I saw a doe out in the field and I bleated and grunted to her. She walked a couple of steps and then stopped. There was some brush between us and I couldn't see her so I just waited for her to come out one side or the other. Suddenly I heard some noise in the brush right next to the field edge and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how that doe had gotten there without me seeing her. Well, it wasn't her, it was the 6-pointer coming in to see who was in his territory. I let him get broadside at about 18 yards before sending an arrow his way. It was the first deer this season that I had gotten to draw on. The shot was good and I was soon loading him in the back of my truck. He is only the second deer I've killed with a bow during an afternoon sit. All my other deer have been morning kills. I saw a bunch of deer Friday but only bucks came into bow range. I saw three shooters in 30 minutes! That was okay. I would come back to the same spot Saturday morning with my 50 caliber flintlock and a whole new set of rules to play by. I was hunting on the ridge behind our barn. There is a big oak flat up there that the deer and turkey just love to dine on. I would be there too but with a different menu in mind. Saturday morning started out a little slow; I think mainly due to the bright moon that shone all night long. Around 8:00 I saw a young 8-pointer come out of the holler to the northwest of me and start doing deer stuff. He was about 50 yards away so I bleated and grunted to him to close the distance. All that did was call his fork-horned buddy out of the holler and they started feeding away from me towards our northern neighbor's place. At one time I had a good broadside shot on the 8-pointer but I decided to pass. It was only about 50 yards but I couldn't be sure there wasn't some unseen obstacle between me and him. I was shooting iron sights so I wanted to be sure I had a good shot. The day was early so I figured I had more opportunities in store for me. And it turned out, I did. About 10 minutes went by and the 8-pointer decided to come back. He apparently remembered he had an appointment to keep because he was walking at a pretty steady pace on a vector that would take him by me on the left at about 25 yards. With a loud CLICK, I cocked the hammer back on my flintlock and tried to position myself for the shot. I am left handed and animals on that side are the bane of my hunting career. There's only so much turning you can do in a climbing stand so I tried to stop him with some doe bleats by mouth. Finally, he acknowledged my presence and slowed down enough for me to shoot. I lined up the sights, picked a spot behind his shoulder and pulled the trigger. Through the cloud of blue smoke I could see him hump up and then run down into the holler. Fortunately, he piled up before he made it too far and I had one more buck for the freezer. I used 75 grains of FFg powder and a .490" diameter PRB. Anyone who thinks that hunting is all about killing has obviously never had the pleasure of dragging 150 pounds of dead weight uphill for a couple hundred yards while trying to stand up in calf-high leaves that are as slick as goose grease. The killing takes seconds, the rest is all work. A 4-point safety harness also doubles as an excellent dragging harness! Overall, we didn't hurt the deer population too badly at the Haverstick Game Preserve and Day Spa but we did manage to fill the meat pole. I really wanted to kill a couple of does but Fate provided me with bucks so that's what I killed. They were both young deer so they should still be fine table fare. I will spend the rest of the week deboning the meat and putting it up. Sausage making will commence over Christmas break. Life is good! Darren