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  1. Didn\'t catch on to this journal till today, but a short recap of my season so far.Monday found out that I had grabbed the wrong shells for my gun, so day over at 5am.Tuesday worked on a tom for bit but he lost interest and I had to work so day over at 8am.Thursday spent all morning calling got on the track of one around 9 and someone shot it before I could. Later was able to sneek up on a tom, but I jumped him up before I could set up a shot. At around 11 I started calling in a tom and as I closed in he had hung up at a creek. I crossed and he jetted.So here\'s to what I hope is a good day Tuesday and my first bird ever.
  2. That\'s awsome, cant beat a free set of rattlers.
  3. Heard a few this morning but couldn\'t call one in. Around 9 I was moving up a hill toward some gobbles I could hear from over the next hill. I got about 100 yards started to set up ... Gobble Gobble Gobboom!!!! Five minutes late saw a guy with a bird over his shoulder. So this area I\'m hunting on the top of this hill is a bunch of cut down ceders. I\'m walking though there at like 11 o\'clock and I can hear one Gobbling really close. So I set up and start yelping, but I can tell he\'s hung up. I start to him and he won\'t cross the creek. I can see him strutting, in range, but couldn\'t get a clear shot. I tried to cross the creek and that little ninja was gone.
  4. Day one ... I had the wrong shells for my gun (how the heck I did that ) Day two ... Talked with gobbler for about a hour, wouldn\'t come out.Tomorrow is the first day I can hunt all day.
  5. :cool::cool:
  6. Got out to my spot, got set up, loaded my gun ... Uhoh ... 3.5 shells ... 3.0 gun. I love getting up at 3:30 for no reason.
  7. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve! No sugar plums dancing in my dreams, just a big ole tom struttin 30 yards away.:cool:
  8. That is a great idea. Never thought calling sheriffs.
  9. I\'ve never hunted hog, and understand the Missouri has shoot on sight order. Anyone know of a good place to go? Someone told me that they pretty much wiped them out on public land, but I\'m sure just about any farmer would open his gates for me if I was after only hogs ... Right?
  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome and I will for sure share pics. Yhis year feels like the year, had a good scout trip last week.
  11. I\'ve been on this site for six months and never introduced myself. I\'m Paul and I live just outside of Jefferson City. I have only been hunting for three years, and I\'ll be 30 this week. I got a late start but I have been making up for lost time. I mostly hunt small game but have taken deer the past two seasons. Hope to get my first gobbler this year. My goal is to take at least one of every game in Missouri. Boy can I ramble.
  12. How is this done. I would love to learn how.
  13. Hey thanks deerman, I searched Cabela\'s but didn\'t see that one. I do use a crow call but I like to start with a owl call.
  14. Today I went into my calls to get my hoot call and on the way to work try and hoot up a gobbler I\'ve been seeing on the way home. When I opened my call box it was gone, no where to be found. Can anyone recommend a good owl call with out the reed. Buddy of mine got one that sounds like a duck more than an owl.
  15. root beer of course