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  1. Salsa

    I can\'t do spicy either! My stupid tongue doesn\'t like it. I LOVE spicy, but my version of spicy is like sugar to everyone else so I\'m sure your salsa would be PERFECT!
  2. Yum -parmesan. That sounds amazing.
  3. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    Oh yes I made it a succession, first was bareback in a bridle, then bareback with a rope around his neck then bareback holding on and finally that one. lol I like to scare him sometimes. He used to tell me I\'m not allowed to jump period because \"that\'s how superman became paralyzed\" ...I just never told him when I started jumping
  4. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    I\'ve fallen off way too many times to be afraid anymore He\'s great though, he needs to work on listening to leg aids just a little more... but otherwise he\'s good. I won\'t ride him like that outside the arena though.. he doesn\'t listen as well when he\'s surrounded by grass He needs minimum a rope around his neck in those situations.You\'re welcome to ride him if you ever visit!
  5. Thanks! But I was kind of sad to ruin that one. I liked the look of the white and pink. It\'s like my arrows are wearing socks
  6. His is WAY more badass than mine.He shot the first arrow all the way through the target and into the metal shed with the second arrow..hahaI shot a vane..oops. But he assures me now I can get custom fletchings
  7. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    Did some bareback bridleless riding which REALLY terrified my dad Jeremy\'s best friend got married...I\'m not that tall, I\'m wearing really big heels.Jeremy split his first arrow with his new bow!
  8. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    I warned you it was pic heavy.... ;)Got a new mare at the barn who is owned by the most greenest of green owners ever and she\'s pretty green herself so she is my new project horse, Cheyenne.Rode horses at our friends property in Wentzville, these horses are Gunnars\' old boyfriends before they moved.SpiderRexGot shipping boots for Gunnar which you can see he doesn\'t appreciate Went on summer double dates with Desi and her boyfriend. She has a crush on Jeremy and was signing \"2 J\'s\" for Jeremy and Jake Gunnar met the baby horse
  9. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    Rode some random horses at my friends barnHad to say goodbye to our rat Chewy who suffered a stroke at the age of 18 monthsA baby horse was born at our barn Gunnar developed an abscess at a horrible place on his hoof and so got himself a fancy foot with shoes and a custom gel pad.Celebrated 4th of July!
  10. Hi everyone! Finally back on here! (PIC HEAVY)

    We put our gelding in his first show! Yes I painted his hooves blue glittery He enjoyed running around like a loony when he should have been nice and slow for western pleasure..he just loves to run! The western classes were all just because we were already there though I didn\'t mind Baby boy LOVES to jump!Jeremy was the perfect horse show boyfriend All in all we placed in 7 out of 9 classes with an average of 15 horses in each class, including barrels & poles(which we had never even once practiced just did it because our ride was) and western pleasure. I couldn\'t be more proud of him <3
  11. It\'s been a crazy couple of months with a lot happening. I figure I would post pictures of everything Kellthemquick89 and I have been up to over the summer.Took his 3 month old(then) nephew for his first horseback ride and he must have enjoyed it because he fell asleep as soon as we started walking Went to the Wentzville, MO renaissance fair where I got to ride a camel!!We went to lake of the Ozarks with some friends where Jeremy shot a goober gar! Note that he is missing half of his top jaw.[bad IMG]http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h322/kymbobo08/6A70F19A-03FF-4532-9C6F-D2AAC898F6C6-16911-00000C1AD0013CC6.jpg[/bad img]Celebrated my 22nd birthday with a yummy vegan cake! We said goodbye to our dear \"Baby\" rat, he made it 33 months, 18months is average. He was a trooper.
  12. Took Desi to play with Gunnar!

    Oh she absolutely adores him! I always post random videos of us riding or just him being silly so she can watch them on her iPad. Gotta love YouTube and technology! She does hippo therapy but she\'s not able to interact with them..those horses aren\'t very well mannered and by the way the handlers act..I don\'t think they are very trustworthy either. Gunnar would make a great hippo horse but I can\'t give him up like that. I told her mom if she can buy one of the saddles she can ride Gunnar for free however long she wants. He\'s a great horse those are proud mommy pictures. He normally pulls you along to the grass but he behaved so nicely with her. He was confused about walking on the left because I never allow him to(I\'m right handed, I want to be able to correct/reassure him quickly and easily) but once he stopped trying to walk behind and over to her right he figured it out. He even ran into her chair once. He didn\'t care. We always try finding things to scare him. Not even a dirt one honking driving at him or kellthems mustang right behind him as he walked honking and reving bothered him so I was confident he would be okay being walked by her. But she doesn\'t get to play with the therapy horses. No petting/hugging/feeding. Just get on get off. So I try to let her just play with Gunnar when it\'s a nice day. She even learned about cleaning feet and shoveling a stall
  13. Desi is on spring break this week so I\'ve been working 6:30-6 all week and was going crazy not seeing Gunnar and Kellthemquick. So we arranged a date to hang out at the barn and get lunch. Got some pictures and wanted to share. She LOVES horses and Gunnar happens to be a really well behaved boy who doesn\'t scare easy. My favorite.
  14. Are these the tracks of my opossum friend?

    Well I know there has been a raccoon there but I haven\'t seen one. My grandma just told me she was reading and there was a raccoon staring at her through the door. So I wasn\'t sure if it was opossum or not.