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  1. We got moved & halfway settled in.

    CONGRATS!!!!  I don't know you very well, but I can tell by the way you have been posting about this that you were really wanting this job, but unsure if you were going to get it.  I am glad that it works so well for you, and hopefully allows you some time to get out in the woods.  Just another example of His awesome power.
  2. new here

    Welcome, great group here, you will see It pick up here shortly. The action on this site correlates directly with both hunting seasons and deer estrous cycles.
  3. We got moved & halfway settled in.

    Congrats on making it back. As for getting assistance, it's truly refreshing to see that attitude, but everyone needs help at one time or another. No shame in taking it as the problem comes when one relies on it. You sound like you have a plan.... keep it up. The Lord definitely has a plan for us all, and sometimes we just need to keep that in mind when the world comes crashing down on us. If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Keep your head up, I'll be praying for you and yours.
  4. 2 bows for sale cheap!

    pics? Will send you my cell # if that way is easier.
  5. Got my moose arrows done

    Very nicely done. Your skill is very evident, and I'm sure that they will fly true. BTW, I have to say I enjoyed your article in the Conservationist a few issues back. Nice to see you in there.
  6. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    One of the purposes of this study is, as they put it, "...to learn more about the survival, reproduction, and movement patterns of whitetail deer. By you altering your views on taking said collared deer just because she had a collar, you would be altering the results of the study. The way I see it, if you would take the deer any other time of the hunting season, why not take it now? I'm sorry, but after getting virtually skunked last year, I am putting SOMETHING down this year, collar or no collar. Spots are a different story, but if all I see are spots..... what's a guy to do?
  7. Pics yet?

    Put up some cameras yesterday, pulled what I had, mostly does. Anyone else have anything worth sharing? She'd look GREAT in my freezer!
  8. It's Friday

    Work, work, and more work. First good MO weekend all summer and I'm stuck at work.
  9. So there I was

    Realizing that I hadn't posted anything on this site in a LONG time, even though I had been hovering. So as a birthday present to myself, I'll tell a story. There I was, on our annual Florida fishing trip, 45 miles offshore, fishing in 200 feet of water. We were catching 15 lb Bonito after 15 lb Bonito, with the occasional Mahi and King Mackerel mixed in, and I was exhausted. (For those that don't know, a Bonito is related to the tuna, but is full of dark meat and not good for anything except chum or bait.) Here is a Bonito, real pretty fish. Tired and needing a rest, I decided to drop the 16 ounce weight to the bottom to fish for snapper. All of a sudden, about 100 yards from the boat, there was a huge explosion and a large, long, silver fish launched out of the water, flew about 25 feet into the air, and crashed back into the water. I was sure it was a large king mackerel, but my uncle thought it looked more like a barracuda. A flying fish was gliding away from the launch site, so I knew he was still hunting. I figured it was a large king, and I was game for another fight and another fish for the smoker. I threw a cigar minnow on a circle hook and let it free line off the back. Next thing you know, the reel was screaming and the fight was on. Now comes the scary part. About 20 minutes into the fight, I notice that my reel has almost been spooled. I also noticed that this particular reel did not have the nice 100lb test braid on it. I asked my uncle what was on it, and he said I picked the poorest choice in rods. He has $1000 rod and reel combos on the boat, Nice deep sea set ups. I was told that I had the fish on a $40 Penn with 20 lb test line on it. Ooof. Well, I figured I already had a king in the icebox, so we'll play. I tightened the drag down, and started wrenching the fish in. About 40 minutes in to the fight, I was at the back of the boat, and the fish was up toward the front. It's tail came out of the surface, and I realized the tail did quite look right for a king. So, I thought for sure it was a cuda. Can't eat a cuda, I had a good fight, so I really pulled to get the fish close to me figuring I didn't care if I pulled the hook. From the front of the boat, it circled under the boat and came out right underneath me. As it came out from under the boat, I looked down upon it and saw blue tiger stripes. Stripes???? Time for a story break. Fishing in the gulf, there are certain fish that usually only bite to certain types of fishing styles. Snapper usually only bite on deep drop lines, king mackerel usually only bite on free lined baitfish close to the surface, marlin usually only bite on fast running lures trolled behind the boat, as do the large Mahi Mahi and Wahoo. We don't troll, so I have no chance of catching these fish. I'd like to, but we just don't play the odds. No chance, or so I thought. "WAHOO!! It's a Wahoo. Holy crap." There were a few more explicative words put in there, but that was the basic message. When I said wahoo. everyone snapped to attention, and there were three grown men at the port rail ready with gaffs. The wrenching stopped, and the finessing began. Once more around, and three gaffs went into the water. The fish came over the rail, and before it hit the deck, the hook came out. This was the first Wahoo caught in the family, and one more fish for me to knock off my bucket list.
  10. Hey, hey, hey! It's Friiiiiiiiiiiday!

    Working all weekend, plan to get to the woods on Monday and Tuesday, but Thursday night am heading up north to the lease near Chilicothe to scout the land and put up stands/blinds. Plan to get a few hunts in up there. We shall see..........
  11. Ebola

    Another possible case being investigated in KC right now... pt is in isolation @ KU medical center last I heard
  12. Took it with him...

    Sounds like a great man. Sorry for your loss, but it seems he made quite the impact on you during his time here. I am sure he had a similar impact on others around him, and from the way you talk about him, he will be missed.
  13. Ebola

    The Ebola virus is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids from an infected person and usually introduced through the recipients mucous membranes. As of now, you must have DIRECT contact with fluids from an infected person including sweat, sputum, blood, urine, feces, and "other" (use your imagination on that one). The longer a person is infected, the more contagious they are. The body can and does fight this virus, and given enough time will create enough antibodies to defeat the virus. The problem is time (or lack therof). This virus replicates so fast and is so vicious that the body does not have the necessary time to react. The "experimental" drugs they have out there now do not kill the virus. Instead, it prevents the virus from entering the cell that it wants to target, therefore slowing down the replication of the virus and in turn giving the body more time to fight. Think of the ebola virus as a rope with thorns all over it. Vicious, flesh tearing thorns. It uses these thorns to penetrate the cell walls that it is targeting, thereby entering the cell, replicating, and releasing more copies of the virus to do the same. The experimental drugs they have cover these thorns, making the virus unable to penetrate the cell wall, therefore stopping replication. Your body can fight it off if it is given time. Often times with a severe illness like this, the body expends a lot of energy and resources fighting the infection. When it does so, it becomes very weakened and is succeptable to what we call "secondary infections". This is often times what takes the life of those with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV, the elderly, or those with prolonged illnesses. Keep your immune system healthy and if you are sick, GET YOUR REST. It can save your life. What you can do: Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer or wash your hands well before you do anything that may touch a mucous membrane (this is just practice anyway, especially with flu season approaching). Oh yeah, and don't hang out in airports deep kissing passengers as they get off of the Zimbabwe express flight and don't lick handrails or windows This is a pretty decent informatic on the illness: http://www.vox.com/2014/10/9/6905347/too-afraid-to-ask-about-ebola-virus-outbreak-symptoms.
  14. It's Friday!

    Shrimp pesto tortellini for dinner tonight, deer woods saturday (hopefully with a happy ending), football sunday! Oh yeah, and laundry. yay laundry.
  15. Schuh2 2014

    September 22, 2014: Slept for 3 hours, got out to the stand about 1:00 pm. Saw a doe trot off lazily as I walked in, no flagging or snorting, so thought all was good. After about 30 mins, I hear firearms going off about 300 yards behind me across the property line. I look over and see a vehicle parked appx 200 yards away in the field. For the next 4.5 hours, I had to listen to them shooting off 10 round clips and hooting and hollering between each reload. Finally, around 6:15, they walk out as loud as a Christmas parade and drive their vehicles up the fencerow. For some reason, they decide to stop their vehicles 50 yards from my stand and get out and talk. After 5 more minutes, they finally left for good. I am all about letting someone have their fun on their own land, and I am not about to tell someone what to do on their land. But my hunt would have probably been better had they not been there. Anyway, about 6:45, I see a doe pop up in the field, look west, and bleat. Two yearlings hopped up and began jumping and trotting over to the doe, and began feeding. They came within 60 yards, but no closer. Doubt I would have taken the shot if they did come closer, although if they were at 20 yards, it would have been tough not to take one or two. I waited until dark, and walked out to a deer trotting off in the woods as I walked out no more than 80 yards from my stand. Another great day in the woods altogether, and I look forward to another chance to enjoy the outdoors.