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  1. youth hunter ?

    I found it on the MDC website. And thats right. They can\'t hunt again until the 22nd.
  2. youth hunter ?

    Is it true that if a youth hunter kills a turkey in youth season they can\'t hunt until the second week?
  3. Prayers Please

    May God Bless your brother and your family. May God eas his pain and welcome into his Kingdom! Praying for your family.
  4. Crossbow Survey

    Don\'t think for a minute I don\'t know that! DUHHHH! Ray Charles can see that!
  5. Crossbow Survey

    So it is ok to bait and hold deer on your proberty throughout the year EXCEPT during season? Not just legaly, but ethiclly and morally, ect, ect....?
  6. Crossbow Survey

    Thought maybe you was thinking that baiting may contribute to CWD?
  7. Crossbow Survey

    So feeders contribute to CWD only during season?
  8. Crossbow Survey

    I wander who\'s feeder that is?
  9. It's Friday!

    Gotta help at the NASP Bow shoot tomorrow at the Bland Middle School. Maries R2 and Chamois is havin a tourny to qualify for state. Wish all the young archers luck!
  10. Crossbow Survey

    I say we don\'t go through this again! I\'ll stop now.
  11. Crossbow Survey

    Once again, \"different reasons\"! And why are they wanting crossbows legaliezed?
  12. Crossbow Survey

    Thats interesting! :freak:
  13. Got an Air Force Son

    Good for him! God Speed!
  14. Crossbow Survey

    WHAT? Thats not a good idea? Settin over a big ol\' corn pile with a crossbow cocked and loaded sounds like fun to me..........
  15. 3D Archery Shoots

    Does anyone know of any 3D archery shoots in the central MO area? If so would you please post. I am wanting to take the boys to some shoots this summer. Thanks!