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  1. good one
  2. nice job
  3. that funny and it ran away
  4. i completely missed applying. Congrats
  5. I haven't been to the farm yet. But the oak tree in my yard that is usually loaded has very few on it. And the walnut trees in the back are the same.
  6. great job. I also shot my first double breaded bird this year.
  7. congrats
  8. I haven't had a chance to go yet. hopefully this weekend.
  9. st(rut)
  10. i would say they are woodcock eggs
  11. look to small to be turkey eggs
  12. yeah it's like the first one he has done. LOL
  13. worked :(
  14. build a berm around the top of ramp that the 4 wheeler can cross to divert the water around the ramp.
  15. yeah!
  16. my heart and prayers for them.
  17. wow
  18. nice buck good job
  19. it sure is a kitty.
  20. Team 5 8 point buck= 80 pts 1 doe = 25 pts 1 doe = 25pts total = 130 pts I have a picture of 2nd doe but it's not real tastful.
  21. Had a great time deer hunting and to top it off I shot a bobcat. Looking for taxidermist around springfield. let me know.
  22. Wow they do great work. But I've decided to just tan the pelt.
  23. that sucks must of been a malfunction