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  1. Looking to kill some snows

    I am in the AF recently stationed at Whiteman. I want to get in on killing some of these snow geese I see flying around. Can anyone help me out? I have a dog, gun and I am willing to travel.
  2. Many of us use ATV\'s to get around, can you start a new forum for discussing ATV\'s and ATV issues?
  3. How about some caribou down there?? I am heading north of Fairbanks up the Haul road this weekend to chase some of them. The state just published an emergency order re-opening the season.
  4. Moving to the the Knob Noster area. Anyone know a good place to find land/homes for sale in the area? I am looking to the south maybe down around Windsor way.
  5. I have been spending the last awesome four years in AK living and loving the outdoors. I will be moving to MO this summer. I am lookionng forward to new hunting and fishing adventures in MO.