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  1. View from April's window

    My youngest daughter,April,lives in CA in the mountains. She was working in her home office and happened to look out the window to see this. Her visitors are making themselves at home in her yard and on her deck. Seems like they like tomato plants on her deck.
  2. Finding any bone?

    I found a couple this spring, nothing of any size. Most bucks around here were still carrying throughout March.
  3. So, which one is your fave?

    Deer hunting, hands down. Especially with a bow. I gave up turkey hunting several times thru out the years, but never deer!
  4. got to be poppin

    Found 48 on April 24. Day was cool, just after a rain the night before.
  5. 2015 bird

    I went out on opening day and heard 3 gobblers,but all of them off our property. I hunted til 1:00 with no luck. Went again on Saturday the 25th, only day I could go because I was scheduled to have surgery and had to be up in STL on Monday for pre-admission tests , with surgery on Friday. At 7 or so had 2 hens come by, both had beards,but I passed on them. Then at 7:30 2 jakes ran across the hi-line I had a blind set-up on. Still no gobbling, so at 8:20 I got out of blind and stepped out into hi-line. Down at the end was a gobbler in full strut! I froze, then realized his back was to me! I scurried back into the blind just in time to see a hen come out into the hi-line. I clucked to her and she started walking towards me. The gobbler was strutting back and forth across the hi-line. to make a long story shorter, he finally got into range and I shot him in the face. Double bearded- 10.25" and 4.5". 1 spur was missing, the other was just a hair short of 1" 1st Double bearded bird for me!
  6. Eagle Brand Forage Soybeans

    I hear yah!Hope we don\'t have a dry spell like that again. We held off putting out food plots last year. Got lucky I guess
  7. Eagle Brand Forage Soybeans

    They are suppose to be able to handle heavy browsingand still grow new leaves, therefore producing more tonnageof food than regular soybeans that can\'t handle heavy browsingwithout replanting. Hence browse tolerantThe bags we bought have 4different types of plants in it. Hopefully they will do as advertised and supply our deer herdwith nutrition all summer long, well into fall andeven late season with beans if any are produced. We are just hoping that they grow! Soil is poor at best on farmWe have limed and fertilized and will fertilize again when established.
  8. Eagle Brand Forage Soybeans

    Thought we would try something different this year. Had been reading up on the Round-up Ready Soybeans and thought we would give them a try. Suppose to be drought and browse tolerant, which is just what we need in our location.Several weeks ago we sprayed and then disked up appx 2.5 acres in the upper end of a 10 acre field. Last week we disked it again and resprayed some spots. Yesterday we wnet out and chisel plowed and harrowed the plot again. Planted the soybean today and just got about 3/4\" of rain this evening. Hoping to see some green soon!We opted for the Wildlife Managers Mix RR for a longer optimum season. Found 3 bags at a local MFA dealer.http://www.eagleseed.com/forage.htmlHopefully it will produce as well as stated.
  9. Sunset From My Tree Stand

  10. Youth deer season pics

    Sounds great! Getting ready to take my grandson out.I like your avatar deer!
  11. Mug Shots

    Recent pic of my daughter and granddaughter. Shes 3 months old. Wishing they lived closer. Sure miss em!
  12. Spot for Urban Hunt visited

    Went there today and snooped around. Jumped deer as soon as I pulled up. Mixture of small clearings and thick woods. Picked a spot and walked into woods and found this
  13. Group To Fight Urban Deer Hunting

    UpdateOur City Council voted in favor of the Urban Hunt. Tenitive plans are to have it all setup for fall season.Just got permission to hunt an 8 acre tract just across from a golf course.Waiting to see what type of regs they impliment.
  14. What Is Your Favorite Hunting Tool?

    Didn\'t have mine listed either(trailcams)So I picked my #2.BOW
  15. Mug Shots

    Just got back from CA. Timed it right! We were there for the birth of my 3rd grandchild;1st granddaughter.My youngest daughter had a 7.5 lb, 21.5\" baby girl on 4-9-12.Addison Brooke. Proud pawpaw!