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  1. Need Advice

    Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help:cool:
  2. Need Advice

    I\'m going to add pic when I get home and get on the computer:cool:
  3. New to the site

    Welcome to SMO
  4. New to the site

    Welcome to SMO
  5. Need Advice

    Got new dog and wondering if she is any good for hunting she is part beagle/ pug/ and part boxer
  6. New gun at the range today.

    Nice gun:cheers:
  7. Happy Birthday, MoHuntress!

    Happy birthday!!!
  8. Squirrel hunting advice

    Sit and wait I promise you will see them. Then you can get them.
  9. Want to Buy 12 ga Shotgun

    I just happen to have a 870. I highly recommend the 870.
  10. Not as skilled as Gunsmoke, but here's my pic

  11. Re-elected!

    Congrats :cool:
  12. No there has to be an adult with a tag. But you can be there with a buddy.
  13. My nephew found his first shed!!!

  14. Prayers for my little brother (UPDATE)

    Prayers from here
  15. Pics to get you fired up

    Cool pics:cool::cool::cheers: