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  1. Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help:cool:
  2. I\'m going to add pic when I get home and get on the computer:cool:
  3. Welcome to SMO
  4. Welcome to SMO
  5. Got new dog and wondering if she is any good for hunting she is part beagle/ pug/ and part boxer
  6. Nice gun:cheers:
  7. Happy birthday!!!
  8. Sit and wait I promise you will see them. Then you can get them.
  9. I just happen to have a 870. I highly recommend the 870.
  10. Cool:thumbup:
  11. Congrats :cool:
  12. No there has to be an adult with a tag. But you can be there with a buddy.
  13. Ttt
  14. Prayers from here
  15. Cool pics:cool::cool::cheers: