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  1. Does anybody................

    Darren, I think you might be right. MoHuntress where are you?
  2. post here anymore?
  3. Where.......

    Just enjoying being retired and doing whatever I want. Every day is Saturday.
  4. Where.......

    We're tired of staying hunkered down for winter. Can hardly wait for spring. Don't see many folks on here these days. How you been Dena?
  5. Iowa bound (Success)

    Congrats, sounds like a great trip.
  6. Where.......

    Thanks for posting bowonly. For a minute there I thought I was the last one on here.
  7. Where.......

    is everybody?
  8. Its friday

    Turkey harvester, that sounds like a great plan. Wish I was going fishin'. We have all the kids and grandkids coming out to the farm for the weekend. I won't be fishing but will be baiting hooks and taking them off. Weather should be great this weekend for whatever you all are doing.
  9. Its friday

    Haven't had one of these for a while. It's Friday, got big plans for the weekend? Its brush hogging season at our place so that's what I'll be doing.
  10. Warren County Fair

    Sounds like you had a ball. Pun intended.
  11. It's Friday!

    We just stayed home on the farm all weekend. We had been at Truman lake the week before so it was nice to just do nothing but relax in the pool. did pick a lot of cukes, some ripe tomatoes and 4 lbs of green beans. Have more to pick tomorrow. Probably won't do anything this weekend either. Got a lot of brush hogging to do.
  12. Farming

    No row crops on our farm but we do put up hay for our horses and the guy who cuts it takes the rest. Best of both worlds, free hay and don't have to buy equipment. We also raise chickens but get way more eggs than we can use so we give them to friends and family. Always have a big garden. I would like to run some cattle but the wife isn't crazy about the idea. Actually I have enough to do on this place as it is.
  13. It's Friday!

    Got our hay put up before the rain but if its dry enough have some brush hogging to do. Got some folks coming out to fish our lake tomorrow so nothing big, we did that last week on vacation with the kids/grandkids.
  14. Where is everybody?

    Didn't realize you were in Louisiana. That make sense then because my sis in law has been getting maters since about April. We were down visiting in March and a buddy from there took me to Venice for redfish and we had a blast. I boated a 30lber. Stayed at his buddy's fish camp and had a boil. Great time and folks. Love it down there. You guys are so lucky to have so much great fishing and hunting. We're good here but no salt water. Thanks for keeping this going.
  15. Where is everybody?

    Interestingly this post has over 70 views and few responses most of which are mine. MoHuntress, that does not sound like a small garden. Bowonly, how and the heck did you get 40 lbs of maters already? I just picked my first ripe one yesterday. Our garden is doing well and for the first time I'm growing artichokes. I hope people keep posting on this thread.