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  1. Got a sunflower field waiting for me Monday morning. I haven't really been seeing many doves hopefully this changes!!!
  2. Either rifle you mentioned is good. I prefer Remingtons personally.
  3. I have heard good things about Dakel hog hunts. They are in the Lesterville/Annapolis area. If you are traveling very far I would go this route unless you know someone with a hot lead on hogs.
  4. Outstanding!!!!!
  5. Glad your feeling better. Also glad you haven\'t lost your sense of humor!!!
  6. I have never had a post on a forum make me so happy but so sad at the same time!!!!! Happy that your healing fine, but sad cause now you\'ll have to go back to work!!!LOL
  7. Heck yeah, nothing funner than an AR , 1911 and a bunch of ammo!!! I went to my club yeasterday with a couple of guys from AR15.com and at the end of the day we had filled a 30 gallon rubbermaid tote about halfway with brass. That didn\'t include all of the steel cased stuff we shot!!!
  8. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!! Welcome to Missouri, I\'m a former easterner myself.
  9. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!
  10. Welcome to the neighborhood!!! I\'m just north of you in St Francois county.
  11. Welcome to the neighborhood!!!
  12. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  13. I\'m in your neck of the woods. Holler at me if you want to come try your hand at loading your own.
  14. I keep an AR and a 1911 on top of my safe in my bedroom.
  15. Nice little pistol.