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  1. Broadheads

    Using 125gr. Spitfire Max. oneshot
  2. ONESHOT 1

    Cool and rainy today I thought I would Squirrel Hunt and scout for Deer and if it quit raining, shoot some Rifles. Found a place in the Bottoms that look promising. Got 4 Squirrels, could have got more if that was all I was doing Didn't quit raining so I didn't shoot my Rifles.
  3. 48deg this am

    Women just go crazy with me around the pool. oneshot
  4. Angus ,Colton is shooting Good I remember teaching my wife and Son to shoot, had them Grouping Good with Sights. Sure is different from when I started 8 years old, no Deer around, had an old Ben Pearson Recurve and Cedar Blunt Tips, killed many Rabbits and Squirrels of course back then, snow on catch them Rabbits either coming out of Ground Hog Holes to sun or just setting in Fence row. Don't let Buck Fever get the best of Colton LOL. hey it happens with the best. oneshot
  5. ONESHOT 1

    Exploring. Nice View From the past oneshot
  6. ONESHOT 1

    Couple more Visitors Me One of my Babies more pictures coming
  7. ONESHOT 1

    Went down to Forsyth to visit my Son, went fishing at Taneycomo, he was saying there was a Slot Limit, I told him no it was up above Fall Creek. It was raining, long as it was they was biting. We caught a couple. We went exploring looking for places to Camp. Seems it was going to cost a few $$ but found plenty of Camping. Checked out Bull Shoals seems there hasn't been any water running all Summer so fishing had been slower than normal. Rain is good We had visitors More pictures coming
  8. ONESHOT 1

    Interesting Nest I found Pond with Persimmon trees around it that are loaded. Clear Cut area, plenty of Browse for the Deer but no way to hunt it oneshot
  9. ONESHOT 1

    Went Squirrel hunting this morning I only got two Grays. Found a East West Deer Trail I might set on. More pictures coming
  10. ONESHOT 1

    Around the Park oneshot
  11. ONESHOT 1

    My wife and Son had a meeting down at Bennett Springs. I got to cook plus got to look around. My wife The meeting More Pictures coming
  12. ONESHOT 1

    Ah Pickles The view The road going out oneshot
  13. ONESHOT 1

    We went to Mansfield to Learn more Old Ways and try New stuff. Place was very isolated and beautiful view, very simple made me Homesick for our old place. There was more Quail around there than I had seen in a long time. Use to have Setters and hunted all the time. Been years since I've even ate Quail Old Wood Cook Stove, funny I was one showing how to use it. She liked me, I miss my Goats. Even though we was eating her Kid. Her Kid very Good slow cooked They also had Composting Toilet using Wood Pellets, they said they worked good but I still like Green Sawdust. They showed how to use many Hand Tools including a variety of Scythes. Many Gardening ideas. Had variety of Foods including several Pickles that I had never had. Oh if I was 40 years younger me and my wife would be living so much simpler. There is property down there but me and my wife are not able to go back to this life Couple more Pictures coming
  14. ONESHOT 1

    Busy morning getting things done before Archery Season. Had some Roosters to kill. Was plucking but decided better to skin. My wife is going to Can them. Also Mum is the word Pretty Also my wife Canned Salsa, Turnip Greens and Squirrel. She told me she lost a bunch of money under the Deck, so I get Drill remove Screws, I told her I get half, no it goes back to the store. I get Board off, $1, YOUR KIDDING!! $1. I'm hurting way too Bad, shoes off, Pain Medication taking effect. oneshot
  15. ONESHOT 1

    My wife fixes my Lunch when she isn't working. This morning she was getting ready to leave. Dear what you got in mind for my Lunch? Well you could thaw out some fish, you got Squirrel. Well didn't want to thaw fish, Squirrels I had were Old didn't want to slow cook. Well rained last night and everyone has went home from Labor Day. I decided to go down catch couple Trout. On way down seen a nice Bobcat. There is 638 acres going up for Auction, don't see me getting money for it but would be nice. Got over to the river, it was up but pretty clear. Caught my Lunch, good enough. Fried Trout, Salad and Baked Potato. oneshot
  16. Anybody put in for any managed hunts

    I got drawn for Caney Mountain October Muzzleloader Hunt. oneshot
  17. ONESHOT 1

    Ok I have lived in several States and traveled to most but never have thoroughly explored my Home State of Missouri. Found I once again going to be hunting almost in Arkansas in Gainesville, MO. I've always enjoyed it down there but always thought not what I enjoy in the way of fishing. My Son is in Forsyth and was talking about all the fishing there. Well I had been fishing many times upstream from him in Taneycomo by Branson for Trout. Thought ok I will check out fishing by him where Taneycomo and Bull Shoals come together. Wow very good fishing for whatever. So last night I was thinking about Gainesville, checked about fishing. Norfolk and Bull Shoals Lakes along with all kinds of government land to hunt. I thought what the heck lets see if there is isolated land for sale at reasonable price. Found 40 acres. Got to thinking in truth I have all I want here other than isolation but if I was younger wouldn't think twice about moving down there. oneshot
  18. ONESHOT 1

    Well looks like I was drawn for Caney Mountain Managed Muzzleloader Hunt in October. My wife will be going with me to Help set up camp and take care of it. oneshot
  19. Beer Contains Female Hormones!!!

    This explains a lot. oneshot
  20. 2014/15 Deer Contest SIGNUP Thread

    Count me in. oneshot
  21. ONESHOT 1

    Well made it to the river The Pickup oneshot
  22. ONESHOT 1

    Did a Float Shuttle for my Son. Interesting learning his Pickup, oh it says 5 Speed but only has 4 Gears, you might have to play with the Key to get it to start, you have to slam the Door to get it to shut, forget that it broke just strap it shut. They went over night said Niangua was lower than they had ever seen it. More pictures coming
  23. ONESHOT 1

    Knew we had Fast Food Delivery here oneshot
  24. ONESHOT 1

    My Girl dealing with the Dog Days of Summer oneshot
  25. Ferguson, MO

    Darren Wilson don't stand a chance. oneshot