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  1. How Much Snow Did Y'all Get?

    Got about 4 here at Bennett Spring. oneshot
  2. Addicts: Before and After....

    What if they use and Fish? Seen it many times. oneshot
  3. What did you do today

    Went did Water Yoga then went got a load of Firewood. oneshot
  4. What did you do today

    Did Water Aerobics this morning. Going to work on Garden this afternoon. oneshot
  5. I got to where I didn't use Armguards but did use Leather Tab on my draw Hand. Got to where my string never come close to my sleeve. In my Back Quiver I had Blunt Tips and Broadheads. oneshot
  6. Last weekend for gigging.... Anyone going?

    Canoe ??? I've considered my 12 Ft Jon Boat but thought it may be too narrow but other day seen a longer River Jon with Gigging Rail which is much narrower. So maybe next season. My wife always says why Gig when I catch so many with Rod and Reel. She does have a point. oneshot
  7. Unreal!

    Well I use to teach Instinctive shooting I might have been able to shoot running Rabbits but I must say I wasn't that good. At the time I was outshooting Compound Shooters. oneshot
  8. Congratulations sassyred you did good Lady. oneshot
  9. What did you do today

    Went and did Pool Yoga this morning then went in the woods. I would say I went hunting but I didn't kill anything. oneshot
  10. Could sure use some prayers

    Prayers for the Babies from here. oneshot
  11. sassyred I've been geocaching for long time but have a pretty good GPS. Have found many Catches locally three in Lebanon, one Lead Mine CA. I have Droid, hate it, I want my IPhone back but still have couple months on my contract oneshot
  12. ONESHOT 1

    Brand New Greatgranddaughter Elizabeth 7Lb. 13Oz. 21 Inches long. oneshot
  13. Sassyred do you Tool your Leather on Marble? I have a Big piece I have used for years. Use to sell some Leather work but no one wants to pay for Tooled Leather, so many anymore just Stamp it. To me it just looks cheap. Just like made my Granddaughter a cheap Purse, if I had sold it I would have had to have $100. Just Tool for myself oneshot
  14. Need some prayers in a big way please read

    Still Praying. oneshot
  15. Soil Test

    Sent in a couple Soil Test for my Garden and Berry Patches. All came back not needing anything other than Sulfur needed on my Blueberries. oneshot
  16. The line so far

    They have no idea about Traps. Most animals after the initial catch calm down and just rest. Lots of animals there would be no control with out Trapping. oneshot
  17. Watch it Girl! Just messin with you. Good Luck. oneshot
  18. ONESHOT 1

    Seen Red doing some Leather Work, been years since I've done any, still have the Tools, Red inspired me to give it a try. Tooled this Clock, not real Happy with the Deer, I couldn't find the Tool I wanted for it. Oh well like I say been years, I'm needing a New Billfold be my next project. Might not be real pretty but I'll be the one really looking at it oneshot
  19. ONESHOT 1

    Lord taking care of His child. Cool rainy day, thinking of some people up North cutting holes in ice just to get some fish. Not me Blessed with a river that stays open year round. Got some worms went down Limit of Goggle Eye. Could have sorted through but they was ok, throwed one back. oneshot
  20. ONESHOT 1

    Well I'm about to give up on Deer Season. I only have Antlerless Tags and only have one place close to use one. It is only little over 300 acres and it has been hunted very hard. Only other option is to get Any Deer Tag but my wife said no not this late in the Game. Started driving over there this morning went around a curve, there was this little Guy in middle of the road. Hit him doing about 60MPH, hit in the Hams. Even though he didn't look busted up, both Hams were mush, my wife said probably most the Spine, she wouldn't be able to salvage enough to bring him to the House. Get over where I was hunting. This Hunter was there Sat here watching a Saddle. Waited long enough, decided to look around, no Tracks, looked like they had cleaned up most the acorns. Decided to go to the Bottoms and look around, seen some sign, seemed get all the way at the end of the field but it would only be good in evenings. So this evening I was setting there. See Grey and White coming through the thick brush, I'm just setting watching, then see something Big and Black. It was a Guy and his Daughter, she was wearing a Grey Coat. They was checking Traps past me and was going to be checking them same time every day. I sat what little bit of light was left after they left. Thought so much for this plan. Get back to the Parking Lot, ran into couple Guys there, one of them I grew up by 43 years ago. He told me the House I was raised in was no longer there. But they also said they have been hunting this place and wasn't seeing anything. Well I got couple Does in the Freezer. Change of Plans next season, should be much better. oneshot
  21. ONESHOT 1

    Well guess I'm using my 45Cal. Alternative Season. Put a Nikon Scope on it, got some 40Cal., 180gr. XTP Pistol Bullets with Sabots, pushed by 80gr. Pyrodex RS. My wife said you might as well kill Deer with it, know it will you killed 450 pound Hog with it I was shooting it today my neighbors wanted to know what kind of Cannon I was shooting? Heck they should hear me shooting the 54Cal. oneshot
  22. ONESHOT 1

    The Harbor A Mural on the Community Center oneshot
  23. ONESHOT 1

    Hauled some Lumber up to our Cabin by Warsaw getting ready to build on. Went into town for Lunch, really like this Town I don't care what time of year. Main Street Couple Shops Couple more pictures coming
  24. ONESHOT 1

    Well went to the river in Hopes of some Trout they were uninterested but did manage a Smallmouth, turned back. The White Ribs of Winter along the river showing by the Sycamores oneshot