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  1. Went To The River

    Went down to the Niangua River, it was up and stained but Rainbows were biting on Power Bait. oneshot
  2. Stockton Lake

    You hunt around the Lakes Boats make life easier. oneshot
  3. Mark Twain Cedar Creek Unit

    Well any Public Land gets a lot of Pressure. Just matter of dealing with it. I know what you mean on Mark Twain. You look at normal State Map looks like thousands of acres in one block only to find it is all broke up. We have Mark Twain Land close to us, I drove over and checked it out. Looked good but if I went I would have to stay in my Tent. I have a Cabin with large areas of Public Land by it and I rather go where I can stay in comfort and hunt. oneshot
  4. Ok My New Gun?

    Ok I have a Benelli Ribbed Barrel with Double Bead. I'm wanting to use it for Turkeys. All my other Plain Barreled Shotguns I have just looked down the Barrel, not seeing anything but the Bead, did very well including one Gun I could consistently hit a Soda Can at 50 yards with a Slug. I tried same with the Benelli, shot way low, tried stacking Front Bead on Back Bead still low. Yesterday put Turkey Choke in, backed off 20 yards, loaded with 2 3/4 inch, #6 Shot. First shot I sighted down the Rib, had about an inch between Beads. Elevation was right but hit just to the left, shot again the same, Readjusted my cheek and way I lined the Beads up. Hit where I wanted. Ok my questions. The Gun can shoot 3 1/2 Inch Shells, I'm thinking just stay with 3 inch Shells. I have a Choke Tue for Full Choke, thinking of using it. My Choke Tube says Lead Only, will Copper Plated be ok? Thoughts and advice? oneshot The Big Grin would stay with Front Stuffer.
  5. Blowing Smoke

    Sounds like fun you only live once. Have fun. oneshot
  6. Ok My New Gun?

    Well I believe I have it where I can kill a Bird with it just need a Bird now. oneshot
  7. Well I'm done for the season and no weapon in pictures so have fun. oneshot
  8. Laid up now- No hunting for me this year.

    Sorry to hear this. I was laid up for year and half two years ago. oneshot
  9. Seeing Anything?

    Me I was making meat went 5 times killed Doe and a Spike Buck. oneshot
  10. Live rabbit trapping for relocation?

    Ok first there is a reason you don't have Rabbits, they need mostly Food and Cover. We took put couple Logs down, put metal over them then covered with Cedar Branches. Clover is good, Warm Season Grasses and Lespedeza is also good. No Fescue. Feral Cats can be a problem but I've found most the time anymore is Coyotes. They will eat everyone out of a nest and continue to feed on them while they are young. Wood Box Traps work great baited with Apple best when Snow is on. oneshot
  11. Ok My New Gun?

    My mistake is being use to using Black Powder and letting them get in kissing distance. Use to have regular Mossberg and did just fine. Had Winchester killed ok but was a piece of junk. oneshot
  12. Ok My New Gun?

    Same Gun thinking of just using the Full Choke. The Turkey Choke I have seems way too tight. oneshot
  13. Don't Mind Paying For Quality

    Today went to Farm and Home looking at Carhart Jackets, they had them but right next to them had Berne apparel, reasonable price and just as Good Quality. Bought a nice Jacket was going to have my wife print something on the back. Decided against it like I told my wife if anything would go wrong it would have me crying. Like I told her I'm serious thinking of getting all my Winter clothes there. www.bernedirect.com/ oneshot
  14. Fishing Line Options

    I've been using the same but dropping to 20 pound Test. oneshot
  15. Because I'm All About The Bass....

    Figure they are going on the Stringer don't matter. I'm needing to catch some for the Skillet. oneshot The Big Grin is a Pond Dog.
  16. Truman tailwater white bass

    I need to get over there. I've been going to our Cabin working on it, only fished twice by Fairfield Ramp caught some Channel Cats. oneshot The Big Grin can't wait to stay at the Cabin.
  17. Working on the bushy tails!

    I'm going to have to get down visit you. I might be hunting Urban Season by the Water Tower North of Fair Grove or a few miles West of Town. Don't Squirrel hunt down there but think about using my Double Cap Lock. oneshot The Big Grin likes Squirrel.
  18. Collared Deer: Shoot or Don't Shoot?

    Collar don't effect eating so that girl is down. oneshot The Big Grin has a Collar please don't shoot her.
  19. Everyone Ready?

    I believe I'm ready. My Crossbow, got plenty Arrows and Heads, Got New Leafy Camo and finally got my GPS ready. Even though I hunt from ground I like being able to go to the exact spot to set. Have been seeing Bucks and Does. By our Cabin seen, 7 Does and one Buck. Heard flock of Turkeys fly up to roost and Guy told me there has been Hogs killed there lately. oneshot He won't let the Big Grin go.
  20. Managed hunts

    Decided to not apply this year, I'm getting where it is just too much a hassle. This year either go to our Cabin or go Camping on Government Land, spend week or two having fun going when I want, doing what I want. oneshot Bet he still leaves the Big Grin at home.
  21. Deaf Camp 2015 and the United Bowhunters of MO

    Looks like fun my Sister in Law is deaf. Interesting what we would do, use to go Dancing, many wouldn't think of it but if we got close enough to feel the vibration she did real well. It is so nice now days to visit with her over the Computer. Use to be either through TTY or Relay over the Phone. Interesting taking her Husband hunting, we shot some Quail, after that he was wanting to shoot all birds. Like to never got him to understand just Quail. LOL oneshot
  22. It's Friday

    Friday we went to my Aunts funeral in Boonville. My wife was called into work at 3PM had to be all the way back here by 4PM, she made it there by 6PM. Then had to work again Saturday. oneshot
  23. I Hate Being Poor

    Bad not being like normal people going to the store but we're Poor raise what we can in our Garden and Orchard. Go Hunting or Fishing when we get tired of Tame Rabbit or Chicken. oneshot
  24. More Wal Mart Junk

    Got a pair of Boots from Wal Mart a few years ago. Have been doing my best to keep them going. My wife says Wal Mart won't take them back. What do you think? oneshot