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  1. You hunt around the Lakes Boats make life easier. oneshot
  2. Well any Public Land gets a lot of Pressure. Just matter of dealing with it. I know what you mean on Mark Twain. You look at normal State Map looks like thousands of acres in one block only to find it is all broke up. We have Mark Twain Land close to us, I drove over and checked it out. Looked good but if I went I would have to stay in my Tent. I have a Cabin with large areas of Public Land by it and I rather go where I can stay in comfort and hunt. oneshot
  3. Sounds like fun you only live once. Have fun. oneshot
  4. Well I believe I have it where I can kill a Bird with it just need a Bird now. oneshot
  5. Well I'm done for the season and no weapon in pictures so have fun. oneshot
  6. Sorry to hear this. I was laid up for year and half two years ago. oneshot
  7. Me I was making meat went 5 times killed Doe and a Spike Buck. oneshot
  8. Ok first there is a reason you don't have Rabbits, they need mostly Food and Cover. We took put couple Logs down, put metal over them then covered with Cedar Branches. Clover is good, Warm Season Grasses and Lespedeza is also good. No Fescue. Feral Cats can be a problem but I've found most the time anymore is Coyotes. They will eat everyone out of a nest and continue to feed on them while they are young. Wood Box Traps work great baited with Apple best when Snow is on. oneshot
  9. My mistake is being use to using Black Powder and letting them get in kissing distance. Use to have regular Mossberg and did just fine. Had Winchester killed ok but was a piece of junk. oneshot
  10. Same Gun thinking of just using the Full Choke. The Turkey Choke I have seems way too tight. oneshot
  11. Today went to Farm and Home looking at Carhart Jackets, they had them but right next to them had Berne apparel, reasonable price and just as Good Quality. Bought a nice Jacket was going to have my wife print something on the back. Decided against it like I told my wife if anything would go wrong it would have me crying. Like I told her I'm serious thinking of getting all my Winter clothes there. oneshot
  12. I've been using the same but dropping to 20 pound Test. oneshot
  13. Figure they are going on the Stringer don't matter. I'm needing to catch some for the Skillet. oneshot The Big Grin is a Pond Dog.
  14. I need to get over there. I've been going to our Cabin working on it, only fished twice by Fairfield Ramp caught some Channel Cats. oneshot The Big Grin can't wait to stay at the Cabin.