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  1. I was at my bosses farm clearing a horse trail and I broke my ankle. Happened on 10/16, had surgery on the 21st and I'm at home as of the evening of the 22nd. 1 steel plate, 6 screws & a bolt holding the bones together. I'm down for 3 months, no weight on it at all. I'm only asking for prayers please.
  2. Laid up now- No hunting for me this year.

    I just got released to go back to work on February 11th. Broke my ankle on Oct 16 & been off work this whole time. Just about to lose everything & be homeless again. I was asked if I put up one of those "fund me" pages & I said I had, but no response out of it at all. Then the person unfriended & blocked me on Facebook... I don't get it. I know we all struggle, I know. People don't care any more what anyone else is going through. It seems fair weather friends are all we have today and that's a sad thing. I have neighbors in our apartment complex who I haven't met & frankly don't care to meet. Society has become crap, Nobody cares. I'd bet very few even read this. Sorry for venting, but good grief...
  3. Old timers

    I haven't heard from anybody lately. I'm not on any hunting site any more.
  4. It's Friday!!

    Hey! I wondered if anyone was here any more. Seems like nobody posts. Facebook has way too much drama & Twitter if full of ppl I don't want to be talking to. Never any plans, they always get changed for me by my doctor it seems. Didn't get to hunt last season at all.
  5. Laid up now- No hunting for me this year.

    Thanks bowonly. God bless you too. Ankle doing better. In a compression boot now. Blood clots gone now, I think. I can't put any pressure or weight on it until January. So,while I'm off work I'm getting my fishing stuff ready for spring. Bills not getting paid & not sure what we will have to give up first. Just when things look like I'm pulling out of a deep ditch, I get knocked right back down. Maybe I'll get to go spring turkey hunting, but I'm not counting on it.?
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!!???✝
  7. Laid up now- No hunting for me this year.

    I dodged the Big bullet today. My left calf muscle has been hurting, so I called my doc this morning. They wanted me to go in so they could see my leg. I get there, they cut cast off & send me straight to the hospital. Did an ultrasound on my calf muscle. I have multiple clots. They said these kill ppl instantly. Now I'm on blood thinners & complete bed rest. Well now I've got lots of time to read my KJV. ? No hunting for me at all this year. I have only 1 friend come by & see me. I worked with 340 guys & not 1 of them has stopped & 50 or so drive right by my place everyday. Get hurt or disabled & you'll sure find out who cares & who could care less. Ain't that something... Oh well, at least God cares.
  8. Laid up now- No hunting for me this year.

    Thank you guys... You know how everyone is so sue happy these days? I decided to Not get an attorney. My boss is a great guy & all I really want is my job back. No amount of money is going to help this. It's broken, it wasn't his fault, it wasn't my fault. It was an accident. God told us to Not sue each other, at least that's what my KJV Bible tells me. My boss is a good Christian man & good jobs are very hard to find. They're taking care of my ankle & everything is going good. Thanks for the prayers, I appreciate them. I saw the x-rays... I've got 8 screws and a steel plate.
  9. My wife & I got moved back from Mississippi. We found an apartment in Westphalia and we're about halfway settled in. I've got a job interview at 2 today & I'm kinda nervous. I need this job to come through because it's the only one I can do given my disability. At least I'll be adding something to society and not be a drain on it. My wife & I decided to not take or ask for any govt assistance. We want to do this on our own. All these bums today that can work & won't ... I don't get it. Those who need it, I understand. It's not there to use just because some are lazy. Mississippi is awesome... No work but still awesome for hunters. A good place to retire to. I'm asking for prayers about a job. I don't owe anybody anything and our debt is $0. That said, our income is $0 & our money situation is $0. I need a job to pay bills & rent. I know God has a purpose & a plan, He's just keeping it a secret for now. I know something good is just around the corner. Ppl ask me how I know He's real... Look at all I've been through in the past 5-6 years. I know if He wasn't real... I wouldn't be here right now.
  10. We got moved & halfway settled in.

    Thank you Ms Dena! I got the job! Went today for the big interview and got to meet the owner. We hit it off very well and I've never had a boss to tell me that I'm to work at my own pace before. I'm not real fast but I like to do things right the first time. This one sounds almost too good to be true. Company vehicle, hour lunch & pay raises every year. I've never had paid vacations either.
  11. We got moved & halfway settled in.

    I surely appreciate that! God is my rock. I spent 8 months in my truck in 2012 homeless. It was the roughest time I've had in my life. God was with me every step of the way and most of the time He was carrying me. God knows I couldn't have done it without Him. My wife & I pray on everything we do. Today my job interview went very well. I don't know yet if I got the job, but I'm praying without ceasing about it. I need this job & it'll be the best job I've ever had. Maintenance jobs are hard to get, especially ones that don't require travel & still pay very well. This job has it all with no travel.
  12. 2 bows for sale cheap!

    I have 2 bows for sale, very cheap. I don't know much about either of them... Both were given to me. So, cheap... As in, whaddya give me for them? $10 each???? Just throwing them out there... 1 Fred Bear Whitetail Hunter, Right hand late 70's? 65lb draw. 1 Jennings Carbon Express Left hand, 80lb draw.
  13. Fishing Line Options

    I use 17 lb Trilene big game & Palomar knots. I use Abu baitcasters and heavy action rods. So far, so good. I hope this helps-
  14. squirrel opener

    Congrats! Time spent hunting together is the best!
  15. Muzzleloader tree rats!

    Fried squirrel is so good! I love the pics & the story. I'd like to get into black powder one of these days.
  16. SMO In 2015

    I'm glad this forum is still here. I got banned from Facebook because I said something un-PC... Being a saved man & a follower of Jesus Christ is about all they need to ban you today. I got really fed up with the way things were going & I got tired of being attacked & not being allowed to defend myself. So, I deactivated my account & I'm glad I did. This old world is coming to an end. The more I think about that fact, the more I'm looking forward to that day. But, in the meantime, I like ShoMeOutdoors just fine!
  17. Some Pictures From Around The Place

    Looks good oneshot1!! Things are looking up!!
  18. So much to be thankful for lately.

    Killmode, that's Great!! God has blessed you very much. I'm glad you and your dad got a chance to hunt "together" instead of going your own separate ways. I never had that opportunity with my dad and always wished I had. Your son's graduation cum laude is no small feat. You've raised 'em right!
  19. Moving back to Missouri

    Things have changed a bit here in Mississippi. My father in law is retiring from this ministry after many years of dealing with troubled girls. A big family from Texas is taking over this ministry and there's plenty of them to cover the work here. My wife & I are moving back to Missouri, somewhere around Jefferson City, not sure where yet, but I would love to be just outside of Cole County & in the country somewhere. It would be nice to be the last house on a dead end gravel road. I'll be looking for a job, but in the mean time I would like to work on small engines & maybe do some home improvement projects for folks. I've lost all my places to hunt & I'm looking for places to hunt this fall deer season. We will be moving sometime in July.
  20. Gobble Gobble Boom

    Very cool Roscoe!
  21. How far do you practice?

    40 practice, keep all my shots within 35 yards. I'm not comfortable shooting farther than that. It's just not for me.
  22. What gun, choke, shell do you use?

    Baikal 12 (Cheap version of Remington, it works...), 28" semi auto, 3 1/2" XXFull choke, Winchester Supreme turkey loads #5 or #6
  23. Happy Easter!!!!

    Happy Easter SassyRed & thank you! Happy Easter everyone! He gave so much for so many. He died on that cross, was buried & rose on the 3rd day. His blood was shed for our sins. I've been bought & paid for! Hallelujah!! I asked Him, He forgave & I'm His forever.
  24. The Snakes are Out and About Already

    Cool! They look like garter snakes to me. Snakes are out down here too... Copperheads & Cottonmouths... These snakes I just hate... They're sneaky & just lay there until you walk up on them, then the stupid things bite you. I just watch out for them.
  25. How Snow Effects Pine Trees

    It's pretty bad down here. Pine tree limbs down all over the place. We got ice & then snow, it weighed the pines down pretty heavily. In some areas where we are, the forestry landowners suffered a significant loss.