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  1. Lease for sale

    I have a lease in HSP that I am wanting to sell.I have not used any of the time on it. I bought their 2 year loyalty plan which can be transferred.I will make someone a good deal. Anyone that is interested please give me a call at 478 972 0981 Troy
  2. need some info and help here

    Before anyone goes to a high fence please p.m. me. For what they usually charge you can have a lot more fun.
  3. I am trying to post in the hunting club section but do not see how to do it. What am I missing? Help Please.
  4. hunting sports plus ?

    I have a membership in HSP I will sell!
  5. First Hunting Trip By The House

    There is no wild hog in America that has or will ever weigh 1800 lbs. I don\'t care what the photos look like. Hogzilla turned out to be a 50/50 mix and I know he had been fed peanut butter by the 55 gallon drum load. Funny how that never made the show.Hogs are killed by the thousands here in Georgia and the three biggest that I know of-certified scales-weighed 460,460,and 470. The scales were peanut scales so they wouldn\'t break it down to the single digits. They probably get a little bigger but personally I wouldn\'t believe 600 unless I saw it or trusted the person that weighed it.A 300 lb hog is a monster and a handful if you a dogging him. He\'s also no fun trying to load when he\'s been shot.
  6. Mechanicals For Hogs?

    You will probably have problems if you shoot a big boar with a mechanical but they will work well on normal size hogs. The one benefit to the mechanical will be the hole it puts in the hog. They tend to bleed very little and a large hole will help.
  7. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    I appreciate the offer jesusjunky but I am in Georgia. Also,most of the farmers I work with are having me shoot them at night while they are in the fields. The doggers come in later when the crops are up and my scopes are no good.
  8. the squeling hen

    I am waiting on a blue light special so I can get the squeling hen,the turkey butt out tool, and the acorn muncher. LOL I think I\'ll stick with my tried and true calls. If it\'s easy,it\'s not fun.
  9. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    The farmers hate them .We shoot them day and night,trap them, and run them with dogs. They will be here forever.
  10. Your Favorite Turkey Story

    My favorite would have to be this one. My wife,a great friend, and myself were set up on a field edge. At daylight,three toms sailed into the field. They all got shoulder to shoulder and strutted the entire way across the field to us. We got all three.
  11. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    Yes the photos were snapped in GA. We are going to try to thin some of them Saturday and Sunday night.
  12. PICS for your viewing plesure!!!

    Here are a few pics from a farm I hunt. Hope ya\'ll enjoy.
  13. Recently killed about 5 miles from our property

    They will/do breed faster than you can kill them. Sexually matuture at 6-8 months and gestation is 3 months,3weeks,and 3 days. Take a calculator and do the math.Ten sows breed and have 8 pigs,4 which are female. Eight to ten months later they will have about 8 and every time the mothers and grandmmothers are being breed again. In just four breedings you will have 2560 sows if there are 4 sows in each litter and 100% survive.They breed all year long. The numbers are staggering if you continue the multiply this out. Kill them,trap them,etc, but do not relocate them for hunting purposes. You will have them sooner than you want to.
  14. Have a friend in great need of some prayers

    You are welcome. I would like to think we all had a small part in the recovery.
  15. deer contest

    kcbuckeye22- Just call me when you need a good recipe for crow. With or without feathers would help me narrow the list down.