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  1. Im good, thanks. Been real busy. What have you been up to?
  2. I'm soooooo ready for spring!
  3. Sorry guys, I seemed to have dropped the ball. Been real busy! How are you fellas doing? I'm ready for spring!
  4. Such great work!!!
  5. Congrats on the new bow!!!
  6. My eleven year old granddaughter was successful last weekend.
  7. Woweeee! Very nice! Congratulations!!
  8. Got big plans for the weekend?
  9. Do any of you do any farming? I love farming and I'd like to hear about your farm and what you do. Do you raise cattle, hogs, put in crops?
  10. Lol. Thanks Mo! There's tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, canteloupe, and green beans. In a different area, I have watermelon.
  11. Got big plans for the weekend? I have a ton of baking to do today for a breast cancer benefit and a little boys birthday. Tomorrow is the benefit and Sunday is church. Have a good one!!!
  12. My awesome chickens. I have raised these since they were a day old. They are four years old now. I'm planning on adding some more hens real soon.
  13. I take care of 20 head of cattle and raise chickens. I also help my brother in law with his cattle on thd other farm. He has around 100 head there. A couple weeks ago, we ran all of the cows and heifers through the chute to be fly tagged and AI'd. Below, are some pics of the 20 that I take care of myself. They may be a bit spoiled. Lol
  14. Thank you!!
  15. That's awesome! I need to thin the herd in my yard. This morning, I looked out my window and counted nine. lol Plus, there was a giant raccoon in one of my feeders.
  16. I'm hoping to have ripe tomatoes by the 4th, and it looks like I'm going to be covered up in zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, cantaloupe, and watermelon. I can't wait!
  17. Soon, it'll be time to put in a garden. I bought some seed yesterday.
  18. Thanks guys!!
  19. Got me some skillet meat, opening day. He was an old buck with a weird rack. Huge spread, but only six short points. I hunted pretty much all day. That morning, I saw this buck chasing a doe, but had no shot opportunity. Later that afternoon, a doe came running out in to the field, with this guy, on her heels. When they got to 250 yds, they stopped broadside, and I shot. He fell to the ground, but immediately jumped up and leaped in to the woods. By this time, it was getting pretty dark, so I called my youngest son, and he came and helped me track and load my deer. We found him within 100 yds of where I shot him. I hit him in the neck.
  20. My tiny garden may exceed it's enclosure. Lol
  21. There's nothing I'd live more, than for this forum to get used. I'm paying the bill every month, so it'd be great if we could get people to post some content. And for those of you that have stuck it out with me, you're awesome!!! Thanks so much!!
  22. Very nice!!! Congrats!!
  23. I'm here. I put in a tiny garden of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, and watermelon.
  24. Great photos and story! Thanks for sharing!!!
  25. Just curious what our combined years of hunting experience is here on SMO. Post up the number of years that you\'ve been hunting. I\'ll start it off....MoHuntress: 28 years