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  1. Haha!! This was a great thread!
  2. Beautiful!!!!
  3. You should post this info on smo's Facebook page.
  4. Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! You're so talented!
  5. Has anyone found any sheds yet?
  6. Soon, it'll be time to put in a garden. I bought some seed yesterday.
  7. Thanks everyone! My son did a Euro mount for me.
  8. Thanks everyone! My son did a Euro mount for me.
  9. Beautiful rifle!!
  10. Dang! That's a giant copperhead!
  11. Got me some skillet meat, opening day. He was an old buck with a weird rack. Huge spread, but only six short points. I hunted pretty much all day. That morning, I saw this buck chasing a doe, but had no shot opportunity. Later that afternoon, a doe came running out in to the field, with this guy, on her heels. When they got to 250 yds, they stopped broadside, and I shot. He fell to the ground, but immediately jumped up and leaped in to the woods. By this time, it was getting pretty dark, so I called my youngest son, and he came and helped me track and load my deer. We found him within 100 yds of where I shot him. I hit him in the neck.
  12. Such a wonderful story! Thanks so much for sharing it!!
  13. Got big plans for the weekend?
  14. In eighteen days, it will be bow season. Are you ready?
  15. Got big plans for the weekend?