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  1. sardis lake

    what is the lenght limit there and how long has it been in effect?
  2. sardis lake

    The upper lake has a 11in lenght limit and 15 fish unless you have more than two in a boat then the BOAT limit is 40 fish.....lower lake has no lenght limit and a 20 fish limit ( i don\'t think its 30) now the upper lake your are only allowed 3 poles per person. Enid lake has a 12in lenght limit with 20 fish and 4 pole limit (not for sure about the boat limit or even if they had one) same goes for grenada lake. The reason Sardis is lower is because they have had lower water the past couple of years and the spawn hasn\'t been that great.
  3. sardis lake

    FYI we just got back from sardis Mississippi and fished the lower lake and caught some pretty nice fish. The boy caught two that went 3lb or right at it. that place was loaded with boats and people on the spillway. One guy in the campground said him and 3 others limited out on the upper lake. He fished behind the new marine they built a few years back, said cross the 10ft water and get up on the 3ft flat, fish with a red and chartues jig with a bobber about 1ft they changed some rules down there so make sure you know them before you put in.
  4. 2013 Crappie

    I\'m going to reelfoot this fri,sat and Sunday never been there before so any help as to where to put in and fish would be appreciated or if your gonnA be in the area give me a call 573-421-8286
  5. sold please delete

    [please delete boat sold thanks]
  6. looking for land to lease

    I know odds are low but I am looking for land to lease or just lease the hunting rights. I would like the lease to be within 75/100 miles from Bloomfield,Mo which is half way between Sikeston and Poplar Bluff and 7 miles north of Dexter. This lease will be for my son,wife and myself. I work out of town a lot so there will be times we will not be able to hunt but still need a safe place to hunt when we can. If you have some land to lease or know of someone please call me at 573-421-8286 Thanks
  7. Van Buren youth hunt 2012

    I am looking for someone local that has hunted in that area to guide my son and myself (opening day of youth season) I am working out of state and I am going to meet him and my wife there, so I will not have anytime to scout it out. I would like to hire someone to put up a two man ladder stand or a ground blind. We are not looking for a world class buck but sure would be nice for him to kill a big 8 or better. He has killed two button bucks when he was 7 and 8 but the last few years I have been to far out of town working or too sick to take him and now that he is 15 this could possibly be the last time we have a farther and son hunt so you can see how important these hunt will be for us. Please call me at 573-421-8286 if I don\'t answer just leave me a message and return number. THANKSplease be reasonable on your price
  8. Looking for some black powder supplies

    not around here unless you want to drive to the next town 30 miles away but that sounds like a weekend trip.
  9. Looking for some black powder supplies

    looking for some 32cal mini balls,powder flask,ball starter,primers,patches just about anything you got I might be interested in. thanks573-421-8286
  10. I\'m needing the spring and plunger and the enter cap for a 870 express 12ga plus I\'m looking for the screw in sling holders for a ruger skeleton stock. call me at 573-421-8286
  11. 2002 sportsman 29ft toy hauler SOLD

  12. 2007 crf230f honda trail bike SOLD

    not on the bike but i did have an offer of 6500 on the camper. Can\'t hurt to ask i don\'t guess
  13. 2002 sportsman 29ft toy hauler SOLD

    It worked this morning, I tried yesterday and it wouldn\'t let me.
  14. 2007 crf230f honda trail bike SOLD

    well for some reason it WORKED this morning. I tried to change it yesterday and it wouldn\'t let me??????
  15. 2002 sportsman 29ft toy hauler SOLD

    For some reason its not letting me or it might be the operator of the keyboard not knowing how too.